The Champagne World 1999-2019 eBook

Introducing the most comprehensive champagne market report this century.

The Champagne World 1999-2019 is a rigorous fermentation of all the latest trends and analysis of the global performance of champagne in its top ten markets.

This report includes eleven reports in one, boasting over 400 pages devoted to more than 500 graphs (including 185 all new 3D graphs) and detailed analysis of 190 distinct market trends, unraveling the intricate detail of every facet of each of champagne’s most important markets over the past two decades.

The analysis for each country (and champagne globally) is self-contained, featuring its own hyperlinked contents page, succinct infographic summary of all the key trends, summary overview and more than 30 pages of detailed analysis and data.

PDF Ebook – 401 pages – 145 MB

Data and analysis of this depth and detail typically costs thousands of dollars. In the unprecedented circumstances of 2020 and their acute impact on champagne sales, not everyone who stands to gain most from this report has the resources to afford what it is worth. Times of challenge are times of opportunity, and the winners emerging from this current era will prove to be those who are the most strategic and the best informed. Astute market insights have perhaps never been more pertinent, and I do not want to deny those who need these most. For those with the means to do so, I invite you to pay for this report according to the value that you would ascribe to a resource of this magnitude. Current circumstances have wiped out my events and 96% of my livelihood this year, so your support means more than ever at this time. – Tyson.