Champagne Stopper Brevetti WAF


I’m pleased to announce that new stock has landed, after the entire first shipment sold out in 90 minutes!

This is my favourite champagne stopper, the only one I’ve found that holds pressure with remarkable reliability, fits every shape of champagne and sparkling bottle including narrow necks (half, full and magnum formats), sits no higher than the original cork (so it fits in the fridge) and is durable and easy to use.

It’s made in Italy by Brevetti and features the patented Block WAF System, with a valve that ingeniously uses the pressure in the bottle to self-tighten the seal. It’s held in place by a chrome-plated, high carbon steel fixing clip. All materials are certified for food contact and are BPA and Phthalate free.

This is the only stopper I’m prepared to put my name to. It’s never been sold in Australia, so I’ve organised a shipment to make it available for the very first time.

Read more about it here.