Bay of Fires Tasmanian Cuvée Pinot Noir Chardonnay Brut

Ninth Island and Jansz are your vivacious apéritif non vintage go-tos, and Bay of Fires is to be reserved for altogether different purposes. BOF is a full-bodied, rich sparkling of main course proportions. Salmon, roast chicken and turkey, here we come! Three years on lees have nurtured a creamy and soft style, layered with bready, brioche complexity and the buttery, silky texture of malolactic fermentation. It’s a complex and well crafted sparkling that showcases the expertise of Ed Carr, upholding its focus in lemon and red apple fruit definition. Acidity and dosage are well integrated, making it ripe to enjoy right away. $25 at Kemenys, No Frills, Aussie Wines and Wine List Australia.