Chapel Hill McLaren Vale Shiraz

Chapel Hill has elevated itself one plane closer to the gods with one of the most profound $30 shirazes I’ve tasted in a long time. A monumental testament to the incredible 2010 season, this wine will age magnificently and shows every sign of going down as the finest Chapel Hill McLaren Vale Shiraz yet. It’s all black, from its extremely dark, vibrant purple hue to the characteristic black plum and black olive aromas of McLaren Vale shiraz, even alluring nuances of game, charcuterie and coal steam. The palate presents remarkable depth of black fruits, liquorice and layers of character at a level rarely witnessed outside McLaren Vale’s most revered prestige cuvees. This grand parade of black is something to behold, yet never brash or loud, always precise and lively, intricately framed in a deep-set, rigid chassis of firm, finely poised tannins. $26 at Cracka.