Dom Pérignon Rosé

There is classically a luxurious decadence to Dom Pérignon Rosé, exuding a warm amplitude built around ripe pinot noir red wine. The 2002 delivers a cunning twist to this recipe, an enchantingly refreshing take on savoury, charged with the confidence of high-strung acidity. Breathtakingly youthful at 11 years of age, its hue is a striking pale salmon with a vibrant pink tint. A pristine bouquet sizzles with freshly cracked pomegranate, ripe strawberries and a wisp of pipesmoke. The palate opens with a hint of gunpowder, a fingerprint of Dom Pérignon’s reductive style, then inviting flavours of cherry kernel and roast pecan nuts. It takes some time for its cherry fruit to unravel, and it does so tentatively and gracefully. An impeccably crafted 2002 with magnificent chalk mineral texture that bores deep into a very long finish. $450 at WineStar.