Dutschke Oscar Semmler St Jakobi Vineyard Barossa Valley Shiraz

2012 represents one of my favourite vintages from Wayne Dutschke, possessing a calm and poised demeanour, yet upholding the luscious succulence of black fruit character that we adore in his wines. Oscar exemplifies all there is to love about his 2012s, glossy, yet with more dignity than ever. The hue is an impressively full, vibrant purple. Fruit and oak meld in aromas of dark chocolate, coffee, liquorice, then opening marvellously into juicy, spicy black fruits of all kinds, even notes of plum pudding. The palate commands grand intensity and presence with polished black fruits that pervade every corner of the mouth – yet in no way intimidating. Such is its polish, well gauged oak and intricately integrated yet firm, fine tannins that it is surprisingly moreish right away, yet possessing all the hallmarks that promise a great future. $60 at Dan’s.