Foreign affair

This article first appeared in Vintage Cellars Cella Press 95
Tyson Stelzer

There was no fanfare when the announcement was made last month that annual Australian wine imports were up by nearly 60%. But there should have been, because that’s the biggest increase in history. Foreign wines have gathered more momentum, it seems, than an Airbus A380, and there’s never been a better time to get on board.

Buyers are now scouring every corner of the globe to return with the most diverse selection of wines that our shores have ever seen.

And it is exactly this diversity that explains why imports wines are the flavour of the month (if not the decade). Our affair with big, bold Aussie shiraz and chardonnay ended the day that “meat and three veg” went out of vogue. This country is blessed with a rich multicultural heritage, and there is no better place to celebrate this than at the table. You could dine out every night for a month and not eat cuisine from the same country twice. Double that if you’re cooking at home!

Our taste for new flavours is met with a thirst to discover the wines of the world. World-class Australian, New Zealand and French wines have always been close at hand. But never before have we seen such a wide selection nor better value from Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Portugal, South Africa, South America, North America….

Now is the perfect time to broaden your drinking horizons. You’ll be amazed at just how exciting the landscape has become.