Maintaining meaningful connections during the pandemic

I recently had the incredible privilege of being interviewed by Lisa Messenger on HP’s ‘Business Not as Usual’ series on maintaining meaningful connections during the pandemic.

It’s a raw and uncut account of the joys and struggles of the past year, and how these have driven me back to my fundamental values, while completely redefining my activities and opportunities.

There are plenty of smiles and a few tears along the way, but most of all this is a tribute and acknowledgement of the thousands across Australia and the world whose support and inspiration have got me through.

I was asked for three tips for future-proofing during this time of uncertainty. The most important for me is valuing relationships in maintaining connection with my network, built on trust and integrity. Second, going back to the fundamentals of what I ultimately aspire to achieve as my purpose, even in a world in which my normal means of accomplishing this have completely turned upside down. Finally, to be agile and prepared to do things differently, tuning in to the suggestions, ideas and points of need of those around me.

Pour yourself a big glass of something special and tune in for the 37 minute conversation. There’s a short registration page that will take you to the index of episodes – mine is at the end.

Watch the full episode