Mike Press Adelaide Hills Single Vineyard Shiraz

A single vineyard in a high, cool location, will articulate the full swing of its seasons, and this is why Mike Press Shiraz oscillates from tightly-coiled, peppery elegance in vintages like 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, to voluptuous, full-bodied stature in 2008. And 2013 is definitively the latter. Ripe plum and blackberry fruits of supple succulence and intensity meet prominent, sweet American oak, in all of its roast nut and dark chocolate character. As always ,it’s too young to show at its best on release, and will benefit from time to integrate, though it does not demand all the time of recent vintages. This is a rich and voluptuous Mike Press Shiraz, layered with juicy black fruits and liquorice, unashamedly the child of a more generous season, and ready to play much sooner than usual. Tuck in. Best price direct.