Peter Lehmann Stonewell Barossa Shiraz

The fruit selected for Stonewell is the most intensely flavoured of the vintage, and Wigan describes 2010 as “a notch above average on the intensity scale” yet in a line of 2010 Barossa shiraz, this clocks in admirably as one of the lower in alcohol at 14%. It’s at once deep-set and intense in its black plum, blackberry and black cherry fruit, and at the same time tense and coiled in anticipation, tightly contained within a brittle shell of beautifully polished and impeccably textured tannins. There are understated nuances of dark chocolate and liquorice, carried by black fruits through a finish that hovers undiminished for almost a full minute. One of the greatest Stonewells of all time and for all it represents, one of the best buys in Australian shiraz this year. $66 at Wine Cow.