Seppeltsfield Para Rare Vintage Tawny 375mL

A sensational Para and an utterly profound wine. In appearance, pitch black, with a narrow, amber rim. The viscosity is as thick as engine oil. Such is its potency that its aroma hits you before you even lift the glass. The bouquet is remarkable, with burnt walnuts, olives, cedar, woodsap, toffee and a glorious note of sweet beeswax. The palate is a frenzy of complexity which evolves in the mouth in freeze-frame slow motion, every frame capturing a scene of profound detail. At first dried fruits, molasses and honey, then exotic spice, toffee, olives, burnt orange rind and figs, with a warm glow of baked peach, ultimately smoky and dry, with a warm old wood appeal. This wine not only has profound length but its finish plays out a story all of its own, telling the tale of 100 summers and 100 winters. A 100mL bottle ($330) will keep a dozen people captivated for hours.