The Lane Reunion Single Vineyard Shiraz

There are few places in the world capable of nurturing benchmark chardonnay alongside top class shiraz, and Reunion is evidence that the lofty vineyard of The Lane is one. This release is resounding evidence that the exhilarating 2009 was no fluke. In time, the 2010 may prove itself to be the finest red wine from this site yet. There is alluring depth here that makes it irresistible even in such a youthful guise; voluptuous in its silky, slippery fruit density of cherry liqueur, blackberry, black plum and liquorice, yet at every moment impeccably controlled and immaculately balanced. Fragrant violets and mixed spice linger on a very long and focused finish. Oak is neatly interwoven, laying a dark chocolate backdrop that frames finely mineral tannins which resonate with the soils of this inimitable place. $54 at Discount Wines and Cracka.