Tyrrell’s Vat 63 Chardonnay Semillon

Ignore all preconceptions of this blend that you might have from cheap and nasty renditions, this wine is Vat 47 (80%) tweaked with a little Vat 1 (20%) and ludicrously offered at well under half the price of either. Quite how Tyrrell’s accountants have let this go on since the late sixties is beyond me, but at only 250 cases, Bruce Tyrrell has probably drunk it all himself (it’s his favourite wine in many vintages). This year production has doubled and the price has increased from $23 to $30, so there’s enough to go around. It’s tight, focused and lively, with the texture and white fruits of Vat 47 and the focus, energy, drive and spine of Vat 1. Best price direct.