‘Back to old-school Yarra’

After a year of great devastation and tragedy, the Yarra Valley returns to its roots through rebuilding, remembering and supporting the countless families and communities affected by the Black Saturday bushfires.

In spirit of this, Luke Lambert of Maddens Rise has aptly described the 2010 vintage as ‘back to old-school Yarra’. Linking some similarities to vintages of the early nineties, he also highlights that 2009 brings into perspective what is really important and that he is ‘humbled’ by the great loss suffered by so many.

In 2010, the Yarra Valley faces new challenges. Climate is changing within the region, whether globally or otherwise. The Bureau of Meteorology records warmer mean minimum and maximum temperatures for Coldstream in 2009-2010 compared to historical data for the area.

However, the Yarra community does not appear concerned. Danny Kane of Oakridge notes that reds in 2010 did ‘exceptionally well’, and Justin Fahey of Maddens Rise says that they will continue to ‘adapt’ to whatever challenges they face.

Back to its roots, the Yarra Valley is looking stronger and more resilient than ever.