The Australian Wine Trade Flood Relief Raffle


Thanks to the generosity of the Australian wine industry,
prizes to a value exceeding $240,000 have been donated.

Tickets are on sale until March 4

Value of prizes: More than $240,000 (from 306 companies)

Full details and ticket sales

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Pledges received:


Hi Tyson, My name is Jason Kaeser, I am the Store Manager of the Harry Browns Merchant Trader at Yamanto in Ipswich. I also have a small vineyard and winery, or should I say, I had a small vineyard and winery on the bank of Lockyer Creek until the flood took it all yesterday. My wife and I are absolutely heartbroken but so greatful that we just made it out alive with our three dogs. Through our two Harry Browns stores I would like to donate a total of 4 dozen bottles of wines, I will contact you as soon as possible with a list of the wines and retail value and will be contacting my suppliers and friends to support this as well.  Kind Regards, Jason Kaeser, Kaeserberg Vineyard and Winery

Well done Tyson and Mark. For every block of 5 tickets purchased online we will donate a VisitVineyards.com single Membership worth A$49 and for blocks of 8 or 10 a double Membership worth A$69. We will also donate 10 double Memberships worth $69 each to be allocated amongst the prizes. Not to mention our time!! 🙂 Robyn www.visitvineyards.com

Hi Tyson, I’d love to donate two of my new GOT TO GO GUIDE Exploring Wine Country Tasmania books as raffle prizes for the Australian Wine Trade Flood Relief Raffle. Value is $40 per book. Cheers Trudie www.gottogoguides.com

Tyson, Blue Poles would like to donate a dozen of Blue Poles Viognier ($210) and a dozen Blue Poles Allouran ($300). Great initiative and please do let us know if we can be of further assistance. Cheers Tim www.bluepolesvineyard.com.au

Happy to help sell tickets. Also happy to put a banner ad on our site for the month free of charge to promote the raffle. Also happy to throw in two tickets to any one of our events that we have running in Feb/Mar in Syd/Mel. Cheers Richard www.nzwineonline.com.au

Hi. It’s only small, but I would be happy to donate five packs of Taste ‘n Tag wine tasting tags for your raffle prizes. RRP $14.95 per pack of 20 tags. This is a wonderful idea. Keep you the good work. Cheers, and stay safe, Lauren www.tastentag.com.au

Dear Tyson, Happy to donate a a case of each of my four wines released this year, Moscato, Sauvignon Blanc, Rose and Riesling, in fact I’ll put them in four mixed cases (value $960). Given the severity of the floods I hope that the brand name ‘Bathe’ does not seem inappropriate. I’ll leave this to your discretion. Kind regards, John www.bathewines.com.au

Hi Tyson, I am so proud of you guys for doing this! I’d love to help – via Karra Yerta Wines I will donate a mixed case of our red wine, and also a six pack of vertical rieslings (05 to 10). I am happy to sell tickets via Collective Barossa for you, and will also ask Mark from Gumpara and Steve from Kurtz Family Vineyards if they will donate some wine also. Kindest regards, and the utmost respect, as always, Marie http://collectivebarossa.blogspot.com

Hi Tyson, You can have anything you want, you name it. But let’s start with a dozen 2008 Majella Cabernet (value $396), a dozen 2008 Majella Shiraz ($360), a dozen 2009 The Musician ($204) and a six pack of 2008 Majella The Malleea ($450). We can double or triple that, whatever you need. Regards, Prof www.majellawines.com.au

Hi Tyson, Wow – You are a legend! Great work in getting something going so quickly. Penley will donate a dozen our of Hyland Shiraz (Value $240). Good Luck, Lisa www.penley.com.au

Gday mate,  I think we should do a case of Tim Adams Riesling 2010 and a case of Tim Adams Shiraz 2007. OK with you? Cheers, Tim www.timadamswines.com.au

Hidden Creek Wines would like to donate 2 x 1 dozen mixed wines to assist with your appeal. Great initiative. Well done. Jim Barnes www.hiddencreek.com.au

Dear Tyson, Great Job! Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this tragedy. We are happy to donate 16 cases of Mitolo 2008 Jester Sangiovese Rose (RRP value $4224.00). Kind regards, Frank & the team at Mitolo www.mitolowines.com.au

Dear Tyson, I hope you and your family are all safe from the floods. I have spoken with my clients about the fund raising that you are arranging and they have the following to donate to the raffle:

Kingston Estate – 1 doz Kingston Estate Echelon Petit Verdot 2007 (Valued $300)

Robert Stein Vineyards – 1 doz mixed Robert Stein Wines (valued approx $350)

Bloodwood Wines – 1 doz mixed wines (value around $350)

Patina Wines – 1 doz mixed (Value around $280)

Moppity Estate – 1 doz mixed

Taste Orange – 4 dozen mixed Orange Region wines

Cheers, David www.definewine.com.au

Hi Tyson, Thanks for the opportunity to contribute this way. We pledge a carton of 06 St Imre Pinot Noir (value $ 396) and a case of 08 St Imre Pinot Noir (value $ 264). Our thoughts are with the flood victims.

Hi Tyson, I hope you, friends and family are safe and dry and our thoughts go out to all Queenslanders at this time. The crew here at Teusner Wines would like to donate three mixed dozen packs of Teusner wines (total retail value of $1032) for inclusion in the raffle. Cheers mate and sing out if you need any further help. Cheers, The Teusner Crew www.teusner.com.au

Hi Tyson, I hear you’re involved in organising a flood relief raffle. I can chip in half a dozen good red Burgundy. Cheers, Lester www.winewise.net.au 

Tyson, Wine growers from the Moorabool Valley in Victoria are keen to support those affected by the floods. So far, I have pledges totalling several dozen bottles of excellent wine from this region towards the raffle. I’ll confirm the details and let you know the final count. Our thoughts are with the folk of Queensland. Steve www.mooraboolvalley.com.au

Hi Mark and Tyson, Well done guys getting this organised, like you we have all been watching in horror as the catastophe in Queensland has been unfolding. Alkoomi would like to pledge a dozen bottles each of 2009 Frankland River SSB and 2007 Frankland River Cabernet Sauvignon valued at $244.00 and $268.00/case respectively. Also, we would be happy to help sell tickets both through our cellar door and to the retailers we deal with and could place a link on the Alkoomi website to help promote the appeal. Cheers, Rick Hoyle-Mills www.alkoomiwines.com.au

Hey guys, Al & I would like to donate a 6 pack of 2006 Elderton Command Shiraz to the raffle. Value $570.

Happy to offer two cases of wine, RRP value $700. Patrick www.salitage.com.au

Tyson, I am glad you are all safe and sound of course the Barossa will help where we can the BGWA would immediately be happy to donate 10 mixed dozen Barossa wines to the cause and I am sure many individual wineries will come on board. How about from the BGWA stock Barossa Wine Travellers books – 1 with each dozen of every case delivered (for the total raffle not just Barossa donations). Cheers, Sam www.barossa.com

Hi Tyson, This is a wonderful initiative. O’Leary Walker would like to donate 2 cases or more if you need it. We are happy to donate a case of the 2008 O’Leary Walker Drs Cut Reserve Riesling and a case of O’Leary Walker Clare Valley McLaren Vale Shiraz. If you need more please let us know. Warm regards, Sue Bell www.olearywalkerwines.com.au

Hi chaps, so good of you to pull this together – please accept our donation of a 6 pack each of our current release Shiraz ($240) and Riesling ($150) as well as older vintage, magnums of each of these wines. Cheers Gill www.radfordwines.com

Hi Tyson, For the QLD flood relief raffle, we would like to donate 1 dozen 2002 Casa Freschi La Signora Langhorne Creek Nebbiolo/Cabernet, valued at $500. Best regards, David www.casafreschi.com.au 

Well done! What a great initiative. We would love to support the Flood Relief Appeal. Chapel Hill pledges a mixed six pack of our premium reds valued at $320. 2 bottles each of 2008 The Vicar, 2008 The Chosen House Block Shiraz and 2008 The Chosen Road Block Shiraz. Bryn www.chapelhillwine.com.au

Hi Tyson, I’d like to donate a six pack of my 2009 Westgate Syrah ($240) and a six pack of my 2009 Westgate Riesling ($162) to the cause. Cheers Gary www.jamsheed.com.au

Dear Tyson and Mark, Thank you for getting this initiative up and running. We’d love to contribute a Logan cellar, a case each of our Logan and Weemala wines (14 cases, value $3354). Warm regards, Peter and Hannah Logan www.loganwines.com.au

Hey Tyson & Mark, We’re happy to send two cases of mixed wines! What a great idea. If there’s anything I can do to help please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll spread the word to other wineries here in Ballandean & with my mates in the South Burnett. Glen www.bentroadwine.com.au

Hey Tyson, I’d love to donate some Punks and Adelina Wine for Queensland flood relief support. Hope the following is appropriate (all cases of 12): 1x 09 Adelina Shiraz (value $528), 1x 09 Adelina Grenache ($528), 1x 09 Some Young Punks Lust Collides (Mataro) ($264), 1x 09 Some Young Punks Fierce Allure (Cabernet) ($264), 10x 09 Furious Knives of Wine Battle Island (Cabernet/Shiraz) ($2040). Regards, Col. www.adelina.com.au

Two dozen 08 Mountain X Canberra Shiraz and 5 subscriptions to The Wine Front. Had better throw in a dozen 06 mountain x too. Value $1000. Hope u and fam are well. Gary www.winefront.com.au


One dozen 2008 Torzi Matthews Frost Dodger Shiraz 2008, $360. Domenic www.torzimatthews.com.au

Hi guys, This is an excellent initiative. We would definitely like to get involved by pledging the following: 6-pack of Taltarni Brut ($155), 6-pack of Taltarni Tache ($155), 6-pack of Taltarni Three Monks Cabernet Merlot ($150). Thanks, Rosmary. www.goeletwineestates.com

G’day Tyson. We have all been watching the news about Aussies affected by floods with great concern. We are happy to provide a case – $240.00 retail value. We have also kicked off of our own initiative and until the end of Feb we will be contributing money from every case sold from the winery cellar to the RURAL FLOOD APPEAL. It is tough for everyone and many are not properly insured, but farmers and therefore country towns in particular, continue to experience impossible seasonal conditions and therefore huge financial hardship. That is why we have directed our other efforts towards them. Brgds, Mark www.tamburlaine.com.au

Hi Tyson, Thanks a bunch for rallying this support. Our thoughts are with all those families which are experiencing the pain this disaster has caused, especially those who have lost loved ones. To help out a little we’d love to donate four six packs of Wild Witch Shiraz ($1560), two dozen Dry Grown Shiraz ($720) two dozen Black Sash Shiraz ($720) and two dozen Boots Shiraz ($384) plus freight ($200). If there are any other wines we can help out with please let us know. All the best! Mark www.kellermeister.com.au

Hi Tyson,Purple Palate and Bar Barossa is also happy to sell tickets. We will also donate six dozen wines with a retail value of $1000. Thanks, John. www.purplepalate.com

Dear Tyson, Happy to help, as tough as times are for us. We will make available the following: 1 dozen Angove Family Winemakers Coonawarra Cabernet 2008 – RRP A$19.99 = A$239.88, 1 dozen Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte Brut N/V – RRP A$49.99 = A$599.88. I hope it is a success, it has certainly been a terrible natural disaster. Cheers, Tim www.angove.com.au

Hi Tyson, Shingleback will support your appeal with a  2 dozen donation (1 dozen each of the Haycutters Sauvignon Blanc Semillon and one dozen of the Shingleback Shiraz). Retail value of each wine as requested is detailed below: Shingleback Haycutters Sauvignon Blanc Semillon  RRP $15.95 per bottle, Shingleback Shiraz RRP $24.95 per bottle. Kind regards, Peter. www.shingleback.com.au

Hi Tyson, Good work and thanks for the opportunity to contribute. We’ll throw in a mixed case of whites (value $276) and a mixed case of reds (value $309). Would love to sell tickets at the cellar door too. Regards, Frank van de Loo www.mountmajura.com.au

Hi Tyson, Well done on organising all this and of course we are very happy to help – a case of 10X Pinot Noir ($388) and a case of 10X Chardonnay ($324). Also happy to donate a Gift Voucher for our restaurant for $200 if that is appropriate. Best regards from all at Ten Minutes By Tractor, Chris www.tenminutesbytractor.com.au

Tyson, Happy to assist. The devastation and impact will be severe and much more prolonged than the news would have us believe – we still see major consequences here for people almost two years after the fires. We’ll send a case each of the 08 Premium Pinot Noir and 08 Estate Pinot Noir. Value is $620 and $410 respectively. Regards, David. www.hillcrest_vineyard@bigpond.com

Hi Tyson, I would love to help and will donate a dozen case of wine for the cause, I have already pledged 2 dozen reserve wines to all the business that we deal with in Brisbane that have been affected by the floods which could run up to $13,000 to $20,000 dollars of wine if they are to take me up on my offer. The devastation has been horrendous and if I can do something to help I am happy. We too have just had 200 ml of rain in the past four days as well, we will know more today what the damage to the community is but it will be nothing like Brisbane. As many areas, we will be lucky if we can get the vineyard through this year, the wet is taking a toll on all of us. Mate I am glad to hear that you are OK. Cheers, Mark. www.summerfieldwines.com

Hi Tyson, We will be happy to donate 1x dozen 2010 Dirty Girls Semillon Sauvignon Blanc (RRP = $156.00) + 1x dozen 2008 Hard Yards Shiraz (RRP = $180.00). Cheers! Sam www.sylvansprings.com.au

Dear Tyson, I thought we could arrange delivery by ship direct to your front door but that would not be funny at all.  Yes Cape Mentelle would be happy to participate and can offer a six pack of 2006 Cabernet (retail value of $504.00).  All the best with the clean up and let us know when and where to send it.  Thanks Rob www.capementelle.com.au

Dear Tyson, Glad to hear you & your family are OK. We like to offer the following 2 wines. 1 case of Juniper Crossing 2010 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc $240 retail value. 1case South By Southwest 2010 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon $252 retail value. Australia Post might help out with delivery. Well done & good luck with the appeal. Cheers, Mark www.juniperestate.com.au

Happy to help mate – lets do a mixed dozen of Ocean Eight: 4 x 2010 Pinot Gris ($32), 4 x 2009 Verve Chardonnay ($37), 4 x 2008 Pinot Noir ($40). Cheers, Mike www.oceaneight.com.au

Hi Tyson, Happy to help where we can. Mind you given the flood in the winery today after the last couple of days we might need a little help ourselves! Will donate 1 dozen mixed Odd One Out wines and 1 dozen mixed Hanging Rock wines. Ruth www.hangingrock.com.au

Hi Tyson, What a great idea. We would be very happy to donate some wines to this very worthy cause, as follows: 2 x 6 bottle cartons 2006 Irvine Grand Merlot    RRP $1,560. 2 x Magnums 2006 Irvine Grand Merlot RRP $400  (2 x $200). (In wooden presentation boxes)Total Donation $1960. We trust this goes some small way towards raising a huge amount of money for the flood victims. We look forward to hearing from you with the names of the retailers who will be selling tickets, as we would be happy to pass this information on to our mailing list customers. Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in this very special fundraising event, and we trust it is a huge success. Kindest regards and best wishes, Jim www.irvinewines.com.au

Hi Tyson, We can offer a personally signed magnum by Sir Ian Botham of Botham Merrill Willis Shiraz 2006  retail value $150. Best regards, Peter www.geoffmerrillwines.com

Dear Tyson, Many thanks for your email. We have, of course, donated cash to the national appeal, but this is another great way to raise additional funds. We would like to offer a dozen Hahndorf Hill Winery Shiraz 2006, Retail value $384. Best of luck with your efforts. Regards, Larry www.hahndorfhillwinery.com.au

Gudday Tyson, Wignalls will donate – if required – a case of 2009 Pinot Noir valued at $372. Let us know. Cheers, Rob www.wignallswines.com.au

Hi Guys, great work! The Wine Empire would like to donate a mixed case of premium back vintage stock to the value of $500.00 and the freight costs to the lucky recipient. We would also like to assist with online retail sales of tickets, and will setup some prominent advertising on our new website, which goes live in a week or so. Let us know if you need anything else. Best wishes, Ross www.wineempire.com.au

I can confirm: 1 x six pack 2010 Cherubino Great Southern Riesling : value $210.00. 1 x dozen 2010 The Yard Whispering Hill Riesling : value $300.00. We wish you all the best with your fundraising efforts. Best, Larry www.larrycherubino.com

Hi Tyson – Brown Brothers would like to donate 10 twin packs of the cellar door release 2005 Brown Brothers Shiraz Mondeuse and Cabernet RRP $ 79.80 per pack. FYI – this is an iconic BB wine that was first made by John Charles Brown in 1954. It is only available at Cellar Door. Cheers, Scott www.brownbrothers.com.au

Dear Tyson, Pirramimma winery’s donation. In total four cases being donated: Digby 50 year old Rare Fortified, $270 a case (6 pack), 2006 White Label Petit Verdot, 95 points Halliday 2011 Companion (case of 12) $260, 2006 White Label Cabernet Sauvignon ($260), 2006 Old Bush Vine Grenache produced from vineyard planted in 1944 ($210). Thank you for your efforts. It is good to have a way to help. Nicki www.pirramimma.com.au

Hi Tyson, Thanks very much for that advice. Much appreciated. We will be glad to donate 12 bottles of 2009 Stefano Lubiana Alfresco Riesling. Its approx retail value would be $350. Regards, Mark www.slw.com.au

Great initiative Tyson & Mark, Frog Rock Wines would like to donate 2 mixed dozen Frog Rock Wines and a couple of Frog caps (retail value $250). Regards Rick www.frogrockwines.com

Hey Tyson, yes a great tragedy and we would certainly help in any way we can. You can count on Paxton for 4 cases of AAA ($240 each) and a 6 pack of EJ ($510) for the auction. Cheers David www.paxtonvineyards.com

Hi Tyson, I am happy to offer two places at a Wine Appreciation – Australian Styles Course to be held in 2011. Congratulations on your initiative. Regards, Paula  www.allaboutwine.com.au

Hi Tyson, Happy to pledge: 1 case 2008 Draycott Shiraz (Value $396), 1 case 2010 Olive Hill Semillon ($242). Feel so helpless! Rick & family / Libbi. www.burgefamily.com.au

Hi Guys, Great initiative! We’d like to pledge a 6 pack of our 2006 Hollick Wilgha Shiraz (valued at $330). Kind regards, Mel www.hollick.com

Hi Tyson, We’d be more than glad to help out!  We can offer a mixed dozen from our premium Chapter Three range, which has a total retail value of $360. Thanks for organising and bringing this all together on behalf of the wine industry, such a great initiative that we’re more than happy to be a part of! Best of luck with it all! Cheers, Rebecca www.mcphersonwines.com.au

Tyson, Thank you for your email. As you may well know we have two full time sales representatives in Queensland and like all Australians we are devastated by the catastrophe that has unfolded over the past week and the very sad loss of life. We will offer 4 cases of our wines for the raffle. The wines and their retail value are set out below. 2 cases of 2009 Shades Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (or possible the 2010 vintage depending on timing) – total retail value – $407. 2 cases of 2007 Senses Cabernet Merlot – total retail value – $599. Best wishes for the raffle. Warm regards, Geoff www.watershedwines.com.au

Hi Tyson, Forester Estate would be happy to donate a 6pk of our 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon (RRP $180) which has won Gold at the International Wine & Spirits Comp last year. We have some nice wine carry bags we could include also which might be a nice added bonus for a prize. Kind regards, Anna www.foresterestate.com.au

Howard Vineyard from the Adelaide Hills would like to contribute by donating 2 cases of Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2009 ($264 each)and a 6pack of our new releases (2 whites, 1 rose, 1 sparkling and 2 reds = $141). Best wishes to all of the flood victims! The Howard Vineyard team www.howardvineyard.com

Of course we will help, what a great initiative. We will donate the following: 1 dozen 2009 Willunga 100 Adelaide Hills/McLaren Vale Viognier. 1 dozen 2009 Willunga 100 McLaren Vale Cab/Shiraz. Both RRP at $23/ bottle. Thanks for being so pro-active. Cheers, Kate  www.willunga100.com

Hi Tyson, Gartelmann will donate a case of 2008 Chardonnay valued at $240 – we can send the case to the winner at no charge. Good luck and the best of luck – great initiative for a very good cause.  Jan www.gartelmann.com.au

Hi Tyson, A dozen to help – Provenance ‘Highpointers’ Pinot Noir dozen: 3 x 2007 Provenance Pinot Noir – 96 points James Halliday, 3 x 2007 Provenance “Turas” Pinot Noir – 95 points James Halliday, 3 x 2008 Provenance Pinot Noir – 96 points James Halliday, 3 x 2009 Provenance Pinot Noir – as yet unrated by James (Gold at Winewise and Geelong Wineshow). Total value $411. Good luck to your endeavours and especially all those affected, Scott www.provenancewines.com.au

Hi Tyson, We would love to donate some wine to your flood relief raffle. We would like to donate a 6 pack each of: McGuigan Shortlist Shiraz (rrp $28.99/bottle), McGuigan Shortlist Chardonnay (rrp $28.99), Tempus Two Copper GSM (rrp $19.99), Tempus Two Copper Wilde Chardonnay (rrp$19.99), Nepenthe Pinnacle Petraea Sauvignon Blanc (rrp $29.99), Nepenthe Pinnacle Gate Block Shiraz (rrp $29.99). Total case rrp is $947.64. Thanks, Timothy www.australianvintage.com.au

Hi Tyson, Thanks for organising this.  We will certainly be having a tough 12 months ahead along with many other Queenslanders.  I would like to donate a bottle of our Symphony Hill Wines 2003 Reserve Shiraz valued at $95 which was awarded QLD’s first ever gold medal at the Sydney Royal Wine Show and was the highest scoring red wine of that show. God bless, Ewen www.symphonyhill.com.au

Dear Tyson, Redgate are happy to help and will supply two mixed cases of wine. Great work on getting this together! Kind regards, Tania. www.redgatewines.com.au

Dear Tyson, We are happy to provide two bottles each of the following in a 6 pack: 2 bottles Vat 1 Hunter Semillon 2005 (5 Trophies, 18 Gold), 2 bottles Belford Semillon 2005 (3 Trophies, 9 Gold), 2 bottles HVD Semillon 2005 (2 Trophies, 7 Gold). Kind regards, Sandra www.tyrrells.com.au

Hi Tyson, Mount Horrocks will provide the following wine for your raffle. 1x12btls 2009 Mount Horrocks Semillon $324 rrp. 1x12btls 2008 Mount Horrocks Watervale Shiraz $420 rrp. Kind regards, Karen www.mounthorrocks.com

Hi Tyson, Naturally we are more than happy to contribute to the flood relief raffle (in addition to a local fund raising drive we are also contributing to).   We will donate a dozen bottles of our Crittenden Estate (premium label) in the form of 6 Chardonnay and 6 Pinot Noir. Retail value is $420. Rollo www.crittendenwines.com.au

Hi Tyson. Longview will gladly donate a case of 2007 Devil’s Elbow Cabernet Sauvignon (RRP $26.99/bottle) and 2008 Epitome Late Harvest Riesling (RRP $18.99/bottle) for The Australian Wine Trade Flood Relief Raffle. Hopefully this is of some assistance to you. It’s hard to know how to help but we’re happy we can contribute through this. Also glad to hear you and yours were unharmed during this catastrophe and our thoughts go out to all Queenslanders affected. Keep your head up! Sincerely, Mark www.longviewsa.com.au

Dear Tyson, Eliza, Angela and Nick Brown would be happy to donate a bottle of our 2007 Family Cellar Durif Magnum. The Retail price is $130. Kind Regards, Kate www.allsaintswine.com.au

Dear Tyson, We would like to provide the following for your Queensland Flood Appeal Raffle: 1 x bottle of the 2005 MAX V – RRP $75.00 per bottle, 1 x bottle of the 2007 MAX V – RRP $75.00 per bottle, 6 x bottles of the 2007 Block 4 Cabernets – RRP $150.00 per 6 pack. Well done on your efforts and Best of Luck! Kind Regards, Biagio. www.rocwines.com.au

Dear Tyson, Thank you for the email and I am glad to read on a personal note you and your family have escaped the worst of it. However perhaps the real horror will reveal itself over the ensuing days and weeks as many people move back to their homes and realise the destruction and have to fight it out with insurance companies. From down here we are in complete amazement of the sheer force of these events and how it has affected so many people. Torbreck is very willing to pledge a donation for this extremely worthwhile cause. 1 x 6 pack of 2007 RunRig ($1350), 1 Boxed Magnum of 2007 RunRig ($495). Best regards Tyson, Andrew. www.torbreck.com

Hello Tyson, You can put us down for two of our 2007 Reserve Cabernet – “BCE”, RRP is $60.00 per bottle. With Kind Regards, Sophia www.edwardsvineyard.com.au

Hi Tyson, We are happy to donate a case of 2009 Georgia’s Paddock Shiraz, with the retail price of $876. Good luck with organizing the raffle – it is a wonderful thing you are doing. Kind regards, Georgia www.jasperhill.com

Hi Tyson, Happy to pledge: 6 x 2007 De Iuliis Limited Release Shiraz RRP $300, 6 x 2009 De Iuliis Steven Vineyard Shiraz RRP $240, 6 x 2009 De Iuliis Show Reserve Chardonnay RRP $120, 6 x 2010 De Iuliis Sunshine Vineyard Semillon RRP $120. Hope this can help in some small way. If there is anything else that you need please do not hesitate to ask. Cheers, Mike www.dewine.com.au

Yes, Gilberts will donate one case of Three Devils Shiraz 2007. We are only too pleased to do something that may assist as we feel helpless over here in the Great Southern of Western Australia. Some years ago we had a very bad bushfire and we were astounded at Australian’s generosity, so now we would like to do our bit. Let us know if there is anything else that is needed. Cheers, Bev www.gilberts@agn.net.au

Hi Tyson and Mark, Good work on getting this up and running. I lived in Brisbane for 13 years and have seen it wet at the bottom of our street before, so I can only imagine what it has been like.  We are happy to donate a 2 mixed dozens of each of our James Estate Reserve wines (valued at $250 / dozen)2010 Semillon, 2009 Chardonnay and 2007 Shiraz. Regards, Graeme www.jamesestatewines.com.au

Hello Tyson and Mark, Thankyou for the opportunity to be of assistance to the flood disaster in QLD. As you say it is hard to comprehend these situations and the full impact I guess is yet to be realised. It is so sad to see this devastation and suffering. If there is anything more we can do please do not hesitate to ask. Our thoughts are with you and all the people hurting  in QLD. We can pledge 6 by 3 litre 2007 Diana Madeline. Not yet released so will have to wait until labels. Haven’t set a price yet! See what happens. Keep up the good work. All the best, Vanya and the Cullen Wines team www.cullenwines.com.au

Hi Tyson and Mark, I hope it all goes well. We would like to pledge 2 x 6 packs 2009 Koltz The Pagan ( $660 ) and a 6 pack of 2006 Cascina Morassino Barbaresco ( $500 ). Regards, Mark and Anna www.koltzwines.com.au

Hello again Tyson, You guys are doing a great job pulling all this together.  We are happy to donate to the cause, listed below is what I’m thinking to donate. I hope this is OK. The Blanc de Blancs is a Tasting Room product only and made using the old traditional method so I thought this might be a bit special (plus Glaetzer making a bubble at all is pretty unusual). Shiraz is just a good solid easy drinking wine. With Ben’s wine I’ve selected his two current releases, both have great accolades and reviews and they are only a very limited release, so I think whoever gets them will be pleased. If you think I would be better sending something else (different varietal like Malbec or Petit Verdot) or some older vintages please let me know and I’ll happily change it. Donation: Gipsie Jack Wine Company (John Glaetzer and Ben Potts): 1/ 1 Dozen Sparkling Blanc de Blanc Retail Value     $384.00 ($32 per bottle). 2/ 1 Dozen Shiraz Retail Value    $216.00 ($18 per bottle). Ben Potts Wines: 1/ 6 Pack 2006 ‘Fiddles Block” Shiraz (Limited Release) Retail Value    $240 ($40 per bottle). 2/ 6 Pack 2006 “Lenny’s Block” Cabernet (Limited Release) Retail Value $240 ($40 per bottle). Thanks again for organising, Lisa www.thewinehouse.com.au

Hi Tyson, We will certainly help! I would like to donate our best! 1 case of Taylors St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 $500.00, 1 case of Taylors St Andrews Shiraz 2004 $500.00.Great idea , let me know if you require further help. Kind regards, Mitchell www.taylorswines.com.au

Will supply 2 cases mixed medal winners by post. Our 2 warehouses in Brisbane were sandbagged for the flood but missed out – our apartment block on the river was flooded to car park 1 so again let off lightly. Want to help the not so lucky where we can. Graham www.ambarhill.com.au

Hi Tyson, This is an amazing initiative… I would love to be a part of it. Code Wine Knives manufactures a range of professional waiters friends will donate 2xCode-38 Pro’s valued at $245 each. Cheers, Jeff www.code-38.com

Hello, We are a Margaret River winery and we have great sympathy for the plight of all those Queenslanders affected by the floods. I would like to donate a carton (12 bottles) of our 2008 Broomstick Estate Shiraz (rated 94 points by James Halliday) to the raffle you are conducting. I am happy to pay freight anywhere in Australia that can be reached by Australia Post. Market value $270.00. Regards, Robert www.broomstick.com.au

Hi Tyson, More than happy to help in whatever way we can. Would like to contribute 2 full cases of our 2009 Were Estate Shiraz to the pledge. Retail value is $22 bottle. Cheers, Alison www.wereestate.com.au

Hi guys, We are happy to donate 6 bottles of 2009 Solitary Shiraz (3 trophies) and 6 bottles of 2008 Fontana Cabernet (Champion red wine at the 2010 Australian Small Winemakers Show) plus a magnum of the 2009 Solitary and a magnum of the 2009 Fontana. Value $600. Best regards, Mike www.winburndalewines.com.au

Hi Tyson & Mark, Great job guys. Step Rd would love to support this fantastic initiative by donating 1 dozen of each of its premium wines – 2010 Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc, 2010 Adelaide Hills Pinot Gris, 2007 Adelaide Hills Chardonnay, 2007 Langhorne Creek Shiraz and 2006 Langhorne Creek Cabernet Sauvignon. Each valued at $264dz. Thanks for making this possible. Regards, Vicki www.steprd.com

Hi Tyson, Great initiative. We will commit: Case of Luna Rosa Value $168, Mixed Case of Rolling Wines: Value $220, Mixed Case of Climbing Wines: Value $264 Case Each of Cumulus Chardonnay: Value $360.
Thoughts are with everyone in QLD, Cumulus Wines Team

Hi Tyson, I would like to donate 1 dozen of my 2010 Scott Fiano (value $300) and 1 dozen 2009 Scott Shiraz Sangiovese (value $300). Regards, Sam. www.scottwinemaking.com.au

Tyson, How about 4 cases (6 each) of Hatherleigh Pinot noir 2005? DO you want a couple of old Bordeaux as well, or are they too risky given this is a raffle not an auction? Great initiative! Nick www.nickbulleid.com/hatherleigh/

Hi There, We would like to commit the following to the Queensland Flood Relief Raffle: 6 x bottles of ‘The Chateau’ THE EVEREST 2008 Old Bushvine Shiraz. This wine won ‘World’s Best Single Estate Red Wine’ Trophy at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in the UK in Novemebr 2010. Retail Value: $160 per bottle. Total Value: $960. We will also have Tim Smith – Winemaker sign each individual bottle. Kind Regards, Kristen www.chateautanunda.com

Hi Tyson, Currently in Europe, but world coverage of the floods has kept us up to date with the devastation caused by the floods. Please accept our offer of a 3L of each of 2007 John Duval Wines Plexus Shiraz Grenache Mourvedre and 2007 John Duval Wines Entity Shiraz. Both 3L wines are not commercially available but Plexus about $200 and Enity $250. Great initiative Tyson, and hope the industry backing can help. Cheers, John www.johnduvalwines.com

Hi Tyson and Mark, Good on you for taking this initiative. We will contribute a six-pack of the 2009 Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier, Jeremy Oliver’s 2011 Wine Annual Wine of the Year. Kind regards, Tim www.clonakilla.com.au

Hi Tyson, 3 cases of MP1 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon @ $450.00 per dozen = $1,350.00. Regards, Judy. www.mikepresswines.com.au

Hi Tyson, I received your request through Chris of Whistler Wines  today and we like everyone else feel so helpless , but sympathetic  and happy to offer our help where we can and offering wine is what we can do. Here are some icon Liebich vintages and specialties: 6 Fabulous Fortifieds $125: 15 year old Tawny, 10 year old Semillon, 10 year old Muscat, 5 year old Frontignac, 2004 Vintage Fortfied Shiraz (gold medal), 2010 Ruby Mataro. 6 Bottles Liebich  single vineyard  premium reds $200: 2005 The Darkie shiraz (New Release), 2003 The Darkie shiraz (Museum), 2003 The Potters Merlot, 2002 The Lofty Cabernet Sauvignon (Museum), 2008 Leveret Shiraz, 2005 Cabernet Merlot. Kind regards, Janet www.liebichwein.com.au

Hi Tyson, We can donate a 6 pack of 06 Balnaves The Tally if that is OK? Kind regards, Kirsty www.balnaves.com.au

Hi Tyson, We are very happy to help out with the following donation of one case of each of our current releases: 1 dozen Spinifex Esprit 2008 –RRP $360, 1 dozen Spinifex La Maline (Shiraz Viognier) -RRP $620, 1 dozen Spinifex Indigene- RRP $620, 1 dozen Spinifex Papillon – RRP$300, 1 dozen Spinifex Rose – RRP $240, 1 dozen Spinifex Lola – RRP $240. Thank you for contacting us and giving us the opportunity to help out in this small way. Kind regards, Magali Gely & Peter Schell www.spinifexwines.com.au

Happy to help. 2 x cases 2007 Eldridge Estate Chardonnay. Regards, David. www.eldridge-estate.com.au

Hi Tyson, Champagne Connection are very pleased to donate a mixed 6 bottle carton of champagne comprising H. Blin, H. Goutorbe, Joseph Loriot-Pagel and Deutz to the Queensland relief fund. Good luck,
Ian and Karen

Hi Tyson, Thankyou for organising this, it is a great idea. Well we remember how everyone helped us out after Black Saturday.  We want to donate 6 bottles of – Punch 2008 Lance’s Vineyard Close Planted Pinot Noir, RRP of $90/bottle. Best of luck with this very worthy cause. The magnitude is mind-boggling. Cheers, James www.punched.com.au

Dear Tyson, We have not had the pleasure of meeting in person but I wanted to contact you after reading about the Australian Wine Trade Flood Relief Raffle this morning on decanter.com. The images we have seen on French television have been extremely moving. Please know that these brave Queenslanders are in our thoughts and prayers. I would like to make a donation to this cause. The easiest would be for me to do it through our importer Suntory so I will speak to them on Monday. In addition, I will share the link to the Australian Wine Trade Flood Relief Raffle with our neighbors in Champagne as well. Best of luck for a very successful auction. Kind regards, Christian www.remy-cointreau.com

Hi Guys, Congratulations on your initiative. My thoughts are with all the great people from Brisbane we have had the pleasure of looking after. I would like to donate a gift certificate for a Two Fat Blokes Full Day Gourmet Tour for 2 persons valued at $590.00. Kind regards, Jan www.twofatblokes.com.au

Hi Tyson, I would like to donate 12 bottles of our Lillypilly 2002 Noble Blend. Total retail value $462.00. Best wishes Rob. www.lillypilly.com

Congratulations Tyson and Mark on this initiative & for all the wonderful support you are receiving from the Aus wine industry. Our thought are with all Queenslanders at this time. Zema Estate would like to donate 6 bottles of our 04 Family Selection Shiraz and 6 bottles of our 2005 Family Selection Shiraz – value $480. If you need anything else please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Zema family & crew www.zema.com.au

Hi Tyson, Thanks for the email. We will gladly assist in selling raffle tickets, and will donate the following wines. 1 dozen 2008 Amancaya Malbec Cabernet (value $237.00), 1 dozen 2005 Olivier Leflaive Bourgogne Chardonnay (value $294.00), 1 dozen NV Bouvet Taille Princess Sparkling (value $359.88), 1 dozen 2008 Opo Sauvignon Blanc (value $119.88). Please let me know what needs to be done further. Best regards, Alex www.nicks.com.au

I’ll pledge a case of Savaterre mixed pinot and chardonnay. All the best mate hope yr ok. Keppell. www.savaterre.com

Hi Tyson, It’s our honour to be able to help. Thank you very much for thinking of Brian Barry Wines. Please may we contribute: 1xdozen Brian Barry Juds Hill Riesling RRP $240.00, 1xdozen Brian Barry Juds Hill Sauvignon Blanc RRP $240.00. With thanks, Jud www.brianbarrywines.com

Hi Tyson. Absolutely no problems. Feeling fairly useless sitting here in Adelaide. Happy to donate a case of Alta wines. I have forwarded your email onto my marketing manager and asked that she confirm details for you. Have also asked her to include a case of Rockbare wines. Take care. Sarah www.altavineyards.com.au

Terrific idea from you two, and happy to be a part. Two mixed cases from Bungawarra Wines when you need them. Cheers, Jeff Harden

Hi Tyson, A great initiative…. To which Ruth and I would like to lend a hand. We are pleased to donate 1 dozen bottles of our shiraz [RRP $40/bot]. Kindest regards, George www.paradigmhill.com.au

Hi Tyson, My partner and myself purchased the Currency Creek winery complex last year and we are just making our own brands now. We would be happy to pledge a mixed case of our new label Currency Creek winery valued at approx  $250 if this would be of help. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to anyone who has been affected either directly or indirectly by the floods as being in the farming industry we know how mother nature can devastate lives. Kind regards, Jan www.currencycreekwinery.com.au

Tyson, We’ve got a 2006 Langmeil ‘Valley Floor’ Barossa Valley Shiraz ready to go for your auction. Let us know what/when we have to do anything. Cheers, Travis www.thewineemporium.com.au

Hi Tyson,  Thank you for  contacting  me, and  of  course  we  shall contribute to  this  appeal.  I’ll advise  our  contribution next  week.  In Victoria ( where  the  West and  Central parts  of  the  State have  also  been inundated, and  not  past the  worst yet ), we  have  watched  the  terrible  events  of the past  few  weeks  with  daily disbelief,and  send our  heartfelt thoughts  to you , your  family and  your  friends .  Congratulations  upon  your  initiative  in bringing  this  appeal  into action so promptly. Best regards, Stephen. www.shelmerdine.com.au

Hi guys, very good effort you have going here. I would like to offer 6 bottles of wine for your raffle. 3x St Michaels Vineyard Heathcote Shiraz and a trio of ’04 ’05 & ’06 Tatiarra Caravan of Dream Heathcote Shiraz. Total est. retail $300 Best of luck, Terence www.terencepang.com

Hi Tyson, The Raffle is a great idea. We have just agreed to supply  30 dozen Shiraz for a  flood  fund raising dinner in Sydney which predated your request. Happy to do 3 magnums of M3 Chardonnay and 3 magnums of Shiraz however. Good luck, Michael www.shawandsmith.com

Hi Tyson, We have been following the whole business in Sth Qld and would be happy to be involved in some way to assist. Please accept our next release wine. 1 Dozen – 2009 Lakes Folly Cabernets – $60 / bottle. Let me know when / where to send it. Best of luck, hope you raise heaps. Regards, Rod www.lakesfolly.com.au

G’day Tyson, This is a very good thing that you are doing. Very glad to hear you were above the flood peak. What we would like to do is give 2 mixed dozens of current vintages. 2 – 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon 2 – 2007 Shiraz 2 – 2008 Tempranillo 3 – 2010 Viognier 3 – 2009 Chardonnay Retail value $252.00 Thankyou for including us. Kind regards Martin www.hastwellandlightfoot.com.au

Hi Tyson, Yes Lark Hill will donate a case of our 2003 Merlot value $$480. It is a mature rich dry red, more full bodied than most of this variety. Best regards, Sue, Dave & Chris www.larkhillwine.com.au

Hi Tyson…would love to add 2 cases mixed wines (including Moscato, Rose`,Grenache and Red Blends to value $456) to raffle for benefit recent flood victims. Thankyou for the opportunity. Regards Dianne and Ross www.grapesofross.com.au

We will donate 12 bottles of 2009 White Port value $336.00. Kind Regards, Merilyn www.gralyn.com.au

Hello Tyson, We have heard that you are organising a wine raffle for the Queensland flood relief. We stayed at Southbank in November last year while exhibiting at the Good Food and Wine Show in The exhibition centre. It is so sad to see the devastation and loss of life and the damage caused also To the Southbank area which we adored. We would like to therefore donate a dozen mixed Jamabro Wines from the Barossa Valley valued at $230.00. Our sympathy and prayers go out to all those affected. Cheers, Juli www.jamabro.com.au

Hi Tyson, I’m glad to hear that you are safe and well up there. We’ve been watching in shock the devastation. We will of course donate some wine to the raffle. Would a dozen 2009 Mornington be ok (RRP $60/bottle)? I would donate more but we are between vintages and only really have museum stock top draw on. Our thoughts and best wishes are with everyone in Queensland. Bill www.williamdownie.com.au

Hello Tyson – we are happy to help, well done for taking the initiative. From our current release we will donate a mixed six pack the Castagna cru wines and a six pack each of the Adam’s Rib White and Red. Cellar door value $870.00. A bit more retail. Hope it goes well for you and for those you are supporting. Best wishes, Julian www.castagna.com.au

Hi Tyson, Mount Mary vineyard would like to donate 6 bottles for the flood relief appeal. Details are as follows: Name of winery: Mount Mary Vineyard. Name of wine: Quintet 2004. Amount: 6 bottles x 750ml. Retail value: $850.00. Kind regards, Nick www.mountmary.com.au

Hello Tyson, Very happy to help, Karanto will give 3 x 1 dozen cartons of mixed Karanto labels.  It is the least we can do.  We feel so far away to help, but maybe this will in a small way. Keep up the good work, we really appreciate the time and effort you Tyson,  are putting in for your state. To all Queenslanders, we are thinking of you in your dreadful plight. Good luck for the clean up. Cheers Zonda www.karanto.com.au

Hi Tyson, Count us in for a dozen bottles of 2010 Eden Valley Riesling RRP $300. Cheers Colin www.flaxmanwines.com.au

Hi Tyson/Mark, We are always grateful for you efforts with these types of fundraising activities. Thanks for organising this one! We will commit the following wines for this cause: 1 x doz 2008 RSW Shiraz – RRP$65, $780(doz) (http://www.wirrawirra.com/lib/pdf/tasting/WirraWirra_2008_RSW_Shiraz_TN.pdf) 1 x doz 2009 Woodhenge Shiraz RRP$32, $384(doz) (http://www.wirrawirra.com/lib/pdf/tasting/WrrraWirra_09_WoodhengeShiraz_TN.pdf) 1 x doz 2009 Church Block RRP$22, $264(doz) (http://www.wirrawirra.com/lib/pdf/tasting/WirraWirra_09_ChurchBlockCabSauvShirazMerlot_TN.pdf) Cheers, Rebecca www.wirrawirra.com

Good on you! 6 bottles of 2008 Bindi Block 5.  $100 per bottle, $600 the 6 pack. Cheers, MD www.bindiwines.com.au

Hello Tyson, I would like to donate a case of our Schutz Barossa 2008 Two of a Kind Shiraz/Cab (value $216.00). Thanks Tammy

Dear Tyson and Mark, Wine from one flood area to another… We can really relate to the problems in Qld, – we are completely cut off, and the team has sand-bagged the doors of the winery.  One dam has burst its banks and the main dam is only a foot from the top of the wall – our winery is directly below!  We have lost all our Cabernet and about half of the rest of the vineyard, however after seeing the disaster up north our problems seem pretty trivial. We are more than happy to donate a mixed red (over $350) and a mixed white (over $200). A really great initiative. All the best, Matthew www.mountavoca.com

Hey Tyson, nice work – we’ll throw in a case of WBB Rose ($216) and a case of 2009 Mantra Cab Sav ($300). Hope that’s OK. Let me know when/where you need it. Hope you managed to stay dry in your area? Cheers, brad www.winebybrad.com.au

Dear Tyson, I hope you’re well, I know Brisbane must be an interesting place to be right now. I’m so happy we can help you with this initiative.  I wanted to let you know that we are pooling together what we can from the team, but I can already let you know that we have 5 Jeroboams of the 2004 Yarra Burn Sparkling to donate. I will update you on other wines we are able to contribute as and when they come through. I also look forward to seeing how much money we can raise on behalf of the company too. Kind Regards, Alix www.cwines.com.au

Good morning Tyson, Hungerford Hill would love to donate 3 cases of 2008 Hh Tumbarumba Chardonnay. Each case sells for $336 retail. We look forward to hearing who won our wines in the raffle. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Regards, Kelly www.hungerfordhill.com.au

Dear Tyson, RockBare is more than willing to help you raise monies for the unfortunate Australians affected by the floods in Qld. We would like to donate two dozen 2009 RockBare Shiraz to the prize, retail value of $526.80. Kind regards, Annabel www.rockbare.com.au

In response to the Queensland floods request we offer the following: 3 x dozen cases of 12 x 750ml Heart of the Vine Clare Shiraz 2006. Shirley, Pfeiffer Enterprises

Tyson, Paringa would be happy to make the following donation to the flood relief appeal. 4 bottles – 2008 Estate Chardonnay – RRP $35.00 ea, 4 bottles – 2008 Estate Pinot Noir – RRP $60.00 ea, 4 bottles – 2008 Estate Shiraz – RRP $50.00 ea. If you need any further information please feel free to contact us. Lindsay www.paringaestate.com.au

Dear Tyson, We’d like to donate some wine for you to sell off through a raffle to assist with the Queensland Flood Appeal.  We’d like to donate 2 mixed dozens – one containing four vintages of Riesling and one containing four vintages of Pinot.  Given they are our two lead wines this may have the most interest for punters buying tickets etc.  The retail value of each is: Riesling – $350, Pinot – $450. Hope this is ok?  Once again, fantastic initiative Tyson. Best Regards, Patrick www.tamarridge.com.au

Morning Tyson, We have been watching and listening to the tragedies and heartbreak that have, and still are occurring across our Country with much dismay and compassion. We applaud what you are getting together here and pleased to be involved. We would like to pledge 5 dozen 2009 Polish Hill River Riesling. These are valued at $240.00 each. Good luck with the raffle and hope it raises heaps. All our best, Neil, Alison, Matthew and the rest of our staff www.paulettwines.com.au

Dear Tyson, Thank you for the email and request for assistance.  We are more than happy to help with a couple of cartons.  Please find below the details of the wine. Crawford River Cabernet Merlot x 1 dozen – RRP $300.00. Crawford River Semillon Sauvignon Blanc x 1 dozen – RRP $288.00. We’ll help spread the word. Regards, Catherine www.crawfordriverwines.com

Hi Tyson, I would like to donate a dozen Hoddles Creek 1ER Pinot Blanc 2010. This has a retail value of $432. This wine won’t be officially released until August 2011. Best Regards Franco www.hoddlescreekestate.com.au

Hi Tyson, Great initiative. Well done. We’d like to donate 3 dozen First Drop wines: 1 x 6pack 2010 ‘Bella Coppia’ Adelaide Hills Arneis ($150), 1 x 6pack 2010 ‘Lush’ Barossa Trincadeira Rose ($120), 1 x 6pack 2009 ‘Mother’s Ruin’ McLaren Vale Cab Sauv ($150), 1 x 6pack 2009 ‘Half and Half’ Barossa Shiraz Monastrell ($150), 1 x 6pack 2009 ‘Mother’s Milk’ Barossa Shiraz ($150), 1 x 6pack 2007 ‘2%’ Barossa Shiraz ($228). Cheers, Matt www.firstdropwines.com

Hi Tyson, We will donate one case of Riposte 2009 The Sabre Pinot Noir – Trophy wine 2010 Adelaide Hills Wine Show – Retail value of this wine is $30.00 a bottle. Also one case of Riposte 2010 Sauvignon Blanc – Retail value  $19.95 per bottle. I will get Nick to ask around to see if anyone is willing to sell tickets. Best wishes, The Riposte Mob, Dale Tim Nick www.timknappstein.com.au

Hi Tyson, We would be extremely pleased to assist and would like to donate the following wines. 1x 2010 Turkey Flat Rosé Magnum (1.5lt) RRP $40.00 a limited bottling of one of Australia’s finest Rosé! 1x 2008 Turkey Flat Shiraz Double magnum (3lt) RRP $220.00. 12 x 2008 Turkey Flat Grenache RRP $25.00. Kind regards, Jodhi www.turkeyflat.com.au

Hi Tyson, Yes, we would love to help. Our pledge is: TarraWarra Estate, Yarra Valley, Victoria 6 bottles              2006 Reserve Chardonnay $300.00, 12 bottles 2005 Tin Cows Shiraz $240.00. All the best up there, and sending you our best thoughts. Regards, Simon www.tarrawarra.com.au

Hi Tyson, Good on you for getting onto this. I hope you and your loved ones are all safe and well and did not suffer too much stress and damage during the floods. Domaine Chandon will donate a six pack of Yarra Valley Brut 2005 and a six pack of Macedon Cuvee 2006 to the appeal – both wines are special parcels from two great Victorian sparkling wine regions and are only available at the Domaine Chandon Cellar Door. Both wines are priced at $39.50 a bottle in the cellar door. I will post a link to the appeal on our Facebook account. Cheers, Mat www.chandon.com.au

Dear Tyson, We are very happy to help out. We will send you a dozen 2010 Pierro Ltc, $360. Cheers, Mike www.pierro.com.au

Dear Tyson, Jeffrey Grosset would like to donate 2 cases of Grosset Wines for your raffle. They will be the following: 12 x 750ml 2010 Grosset Springvale Riesling RRP $432, 12 x 750ml 2010 Grosset Off-dry Riesling RRP $384. We hope this will help with your raffle. With thanks, Jenny www.grosset.com.au

Hi Tyson and Mark, Thanks for setting up such a great initiative on behalf of Australian wine. To save you an extra pick-up, we would be happy to donate a prize of $1000 of Voyager Estate wine of the winner’s choice, and we’ll deliver to their home. Let us know if/when you need more details. Cheers, Alex, Michael and the team at Voyager Estate. www.voyagerestate.com.au

Hi Tyson, What a fantastic idea, McHenry Hohnen Wines would love to support this worthy cause.  We would like to donate 2 x mixed cases wine (12 x bottles / case) retail value of $260 per case. Thank you for organising this wonderful project on behalf of the Australian wine industry, it is gratifying that we are able to assist the people of QLD and possibly NSW. Thank you, Alana www.mchv.com.au

Hi Tyson, Sure, glad to participate. Incidentally we already have a raffle for a dozen of the best HSH going at cellar door with all proceeds to the flood relief which started on Monday and is at about $1000 tickets sold already which is gratifying. I have received photos from my distributors, The Wine Tradition, in Albion with their warehouse under water and boxes of wine floating about everywhere, amazing photos that could be repeated across a thousand businesses.  And the wet season has only just started! Please put us down for 1 dozen 2009 Hay Shed Hill Cabernet Sauvignon and 1 dozen 2010 Hay Shed Hill Chardonnay, both wines at $25 retail per bottle. Trust you and your family are well. Mike www.hayshedhill.com.au

Hi Tyson & Mark, Great initiative guys… We would love to support by sending three mixed dozens of our premiums.  Each dozen will include 4 bottles Reserve Chardonnay, 4 bottles Reserve Cabernet and 4 bottles Old Adam Shiraz. rrp $500/dozen. Hope it all goes well. Cheers, Lucy

Hi Tyson, Thank you for the email regarding the Queensland flood appeal. We are happy to donate a 6litre Methuselah full of 2006 Dedication Shiraz retail value $500. I hope this will help. Cheers Tina www.kieswines.com.au

Hi T, I’m happy to sell tickets and promote this in 3 stores and e-mail. I’m on a plane to Ipswich tomorrow with one of my muscled sons to help clean for 2 days! Attached is my sisters garage, under water, in a photo taken from an SES boat that rescued my parents from their top floor balcony! Cheers, Randall www.randalls.net.au

Tyson, This looks like a great initiative, well done. We are happy to help with the following: 2 x mixed dozen Capel Vale Cellar Exclusive wines (Total value = $646.80). Regards, Scott www.capelvale.com

Hi Tyson, Primo Estate will donate a mixed 6 pack of Primo Estate wines to the flood relief raffle.  RRP $110.  2 bottles each of Primo Estate La Biondina Colombard, Merlesco Merlot and il Briccone Shiraz Sangiovese.  We will include freight to the winner’s address anywhere in Australia.  Well done for taking the time to organise the raffle Tyson.  McLaren Vale wineries are all donating $1 from every bottle sold on Australia day to the Premier’s appeal too. Catch you soon, Richard www.primoestate.com.au

Dear Tyson, Very happy to send a case of 2007 Duck Muck or two if you think it will make more $. They retail around $330/bottle. Just let us know where and when to send it. Cheers, David. www.wildduckcreekestate.com

Hi there Tyson, Bimbadgen would love to take part in your QLD flood wine auction.  We will donate 2 cases of Bimbadgen wine as suggested below – and would love to send you a couple of mixed cases with wines from the entire range – there will be 1 of each of the wines listed below per case: Bimbadgen Sparkling NV Semillon, Bimbadgen Sparkling NV Rosé, Bimbadgen Ridge Chardonnay, Bimbadgen Ridge Shiraz Cabernet Merlot, Bimbadgen Estate 2008 Semillon, Bimbadgen Estate 2009 Verdelho, Bimbadgen Estate 2009 Merlot, Bimbadgen MCA Art Series 2008 Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon, Bimbadgen Estate 2007 Botrytis Semillon, Bimbadgen Estate NV Fortified Verdelho, Bimbadgen Signature 2007 Semillon, Bimbadgen Signature 2006 Shiraz. Value of each case is $295 – total prize $590. This is such a great initiative Tyson – thanks for taking charge and for thinking of us to be involved.   We are also taking up a collection at every point of sale at our next ‘A Day on the Green’ featuring INXS on January 29 – with approx 8,000 people in attendance we hope we can raise a bit to help also. Good Luck with the auction! Karen www.bimbadgen.com.au

Tyson, Are you taking donations of NZ wine, because I would also be happy to donate some Tinpot Hut if you like? If so we can donate the following: 1 doz x 2008 Tinpot Hut Marlborough Pinot Noir RRP$28, 1 doz x 2010 Tinpot Hut Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc RRP$23. Cheers, Kate www.tinpothut.co.nz

Hi Tyson, Lynda is busy up in Brisbane for the next couple of days, helping with the clean up of a couple of our affected centres.  I have taken over putting together some offers for the raffle.  We are more than happy to put forward the following – Thebarton, SA – 48 case wine unit for 6 months free, valued at $90.00 per month. Artarmon, NSW – 2 x 24 case wine units, (to be offered as 1 x 48 case unit), for 6 months free, valued at $80.00 ea per month, combined 48 case value of $160.00 per month. Chatswood, NSW – 48 case wine unit for 6 months free, valued at $135.00 per month. Waterloo, NSW – 48 case wine unit for 6 months free, valued at $130.00 per month. Port Melbourne, VIC – 36 case wine unit for 6 months free, valued at $40.00 per month. Abbotsford (Hoddle St), VIC – 36 case wine unit for 6 months free, valued at $40.00 per month. Total value $3570. Good luck with your raffle and best wishes on your efforts to support those in need. Robert www.kss.com.au

Lucas Estate would like to donate 2 mixed dozens, each to the value of $358.50. Total value $717.00. The vineyard’s wet but we are safe but so sad for those with property damage and personal loss. Louise www.lucasestate.com.au

Hi Tyson, We would be delighted to contribute to this great initiative to raise money for the victims of devastating floods in Queensland and other areas of Australia. We would be happy to donate a six-pack of our 2008 ‘The Beauty’ Shiraz ($315), a six-pack of our 2008 ‘The Beast’ Shiraz ($465) and two bottles of our flagship Shiraz, the Clos Otto 2008, presented in carved wooden boxes ($165 each). Please let me know if there is anything else you need or that we can do. Best regards, Selina www.hentleyfarm.com.au

In full support, Sirromet Wines would like to donate a mixed dozen of our premium Signature Collection range of wines. Valued $420. Our thoughts are with the flood victims. Theresa www.sirromet.com

Hi Tyson, Great work! We are happy to donate 1 x dozen ’08 Eduard Shiraz ($900) and 1 x 6L (imperial) ’08 Eduard Shiraz ($900). All the best, Tony & Troy www.kalleske.com

Dear Tyson, YES, we would be most happy to donate to your Australian Wine Trade Flood Relief Raffle. 1 DOZEN  07 SIEBER RD GSM Value $220.00.We will deliver(FOC) via Australia Wine Post anywhere in Australia. Best wishes for your campaign! Kindest regards, Richard and Val www.sieberwines.com

Tyson, We can contribute a magnum each of Giaconda Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Cabernet from 2005 vintage. Regards, Rick www.giaconda.com.au

Dear Mr Stelzer, We would be pleased to provide a mixed dozen of Craigow wines, retail value $380. Kind regards, Barry and Cathy www.craigow.com.au

Hi Tyson, Glad to help! I’ve also recently started working as the brand manager for Four Sisters (McPherson and Four Sisters are both part of the Tahbilk Group) and we’d also like to offer a case of our Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc if you’d like it!  It has an RRP of approx $200. Cheers, Rebecca www.mcphersonwines.com.au

Hi Tyson, Happy to help what about a couple of cases of Botrytis Semillon? They retail for $30 per bottle. Hope you are well. Best regards, Andrew www.margan.com.au

A case of 2010 Sauv Blanc, Tyson. Retail value $276. Well done for making all this happen. Cheers, Geoff www.geoffweaver.com.au

Hi Tyson, we are more than happy to put up a case of Picardy Pinot 2008 for the raffle. Value $480. Cheers, Jodie. www.picardy.com.au

Tyson, Please put us down for a half-case (and a half-case for Victoria?) – 2 each of our 2008 Amelia, 2009 Lily Pinot Noir and 2009 Isabella Chardonnay.  Retail value $400. Congratulations on your initiative and concern. Our kindest regards, Reg www.wantirnaestate.com.au

Hi Tyson, Thank you for your email and organising the below. Firstly we would like to offer a mixed case of Kettle Lane wines(6 varietals and 2 bottles of each). The varietals are Adelaide Hills Chardonnya, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Hunter Semillon, Tasmanian Riesling, Kettle Lane Barossa Shiraz and Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon.  Value of this case is $203.88. Secondly, we are interested in selling tickets in our retail stores. Cheers Vicki www.winesociety.com.au

Hi Tyson, We would be very happy to participate in any way you suggest. Certainly we can make up and ship a mixed dozen to any address you nominate. Anything else? Cheers, Andrew. Wwwhickinbotham.biz

Hi Tyson, On behalf of Rose Kentish from Ulithorne, we would be very happy to offer a 1.5lt  Magnum of Ulithorne “Frux Frugis” Shiraz 2004 RRP $100 as a donation for the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal. Good luck with you appeal, I’m sure the industry will pull together and help generously. Kind Regards, Carol www.ulithorne.com.au

Hi Tyson, Good on you getting us all organised to support this cause.  Katnook Estate would like to donate a “Katnook Coonawarra Cabernet Pack” – 2 bottles each of Odyssey Cabernet 2006, 2 bottles of Katnook Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 and 2 bottles of Katnook Founder’s Block Cabernet 2008 (vintages may vary depending on when prize is redeemed) valued at $325. Would also like to contribute 2 magnums of Katnook Estate 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, which are not available in retail – so estimated value is $120 each. Please let me know if you need any other assistance. Regards, Anna www.katnookestate.com.au

Greetings Sir Ty, As usual you are a step ahead and we are more than happy to do what we can to help. How about a dozen mixed Hillside Shiraz 4 x 2006, 4 x 2007 & 4 x 2008 with a retail value of $480 plus 1 dozen 2007 Basket Pressed Cabernet Merlot ($264) and 1 dozen 2010 Moscato ($264)? Great idea Tyson and our sincere thanks for the organisation. Cheers, Colin. www.kaybrothersamerywines.com

Tyson, Sorry for the delay in responding. We would like to offer a case each of our best – 09 The Ridge Reserve Semillon and 09 The Lake Reserve Shiraz. Please let us know where you would like them shipped. Yours Faithfully, James www.audreywilkinson.com.au

Hi Tyson, I hope you are well. Dominique is away at the moment however he has said that we can donate a case of the Fontaine Sauvignon Blanc, retail value of $240. If you require any other information at this point please just let me know. Thanks Tyson. Kind regards, Bec www.dominiqueportet.com

Hi Tyson, Allandale is really supportive of the appeal and we wish you all the best in this time of tragedy. Allandale would like to donate a 6 pack of both our 2010 single vineyard Winemakers Reserve Semillon and 2008 Winemakers Reserve Shiraz. Winemakers Reserve Semillon retails at $50.00/ bottle or $250.00/ 6 pack. Winemakers Reserve Shiraz retails at $60.00/ bottle or $305.00/ 6 pack. Good luck with the appeal Tyson, it’s a great thing you are doing. Regards, Allie www.allandalewinery.com.au

Well done for getting up and doing something about helping the victims of this year’s unseasonal floods. We would love to donate a dozen 2007 Veritas Winery Bull’s Blood Shiraz Mataro Pressings, and a dozen 2009 Christa Rolf Semillon. Best regards. Rolf www.rolfbinder.com

Hi Tyson, we will donate a case of mixed Ballast Stone reds (Grenache, Merlot, Cab & Shiraz) ($264), Ballast Stone whites (Sauv Blanc, Chard & Riesling) ($204) and a case of Currency Creek Reserve Brut ($240).  Great initiative – for once we are glad to be at the dry end of the river.  Cheers, Kathy www.ballaststone.com.au

Dear Tyson, Congratulations on the work you are doing for the floods. Gembrook hill would like to offer two cases of Gembrook Hill Sauvignon Blanc 2008 RRP 420.00/case. Cheers, Ian www.gembrookhill.com.au

 Hi Tyson & Mark, Great initiative,we would love to donate a case of Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (value $390.00). Tim Stevens and the Team www.huntingtonestate.com.au

Hello Tyson. I can send 1 case of Scorpo Shiraz 2006 valued at $516 per case. Hope that helps. Cheers…Paul www.scorpowines.com.au

Tyson, We would love to participate and help anyway we could.  Thanks for including us.  We will donate; (x2) 6pk of 2009 Kirrihill Wines, Tullymore Single Vineyard, Clare Valley Shiraz, valued at $108 per 6 pack. (x2) 6pk of 2010 Kirrihill Wines, Slate Creek Single Vineyard, Clare Valley Riesling, valued at $96 per 6 pack. TOTAL wine donation of $408. Regards, Donna www.kirrihillwines.com.au

Hi Tyson, Bannockburn Vineyards would like to support the Australian Wine Trade Flood Relief Raffle with a set of 3 magnums, 1999 Bannockburn Chardonnay, 1999 ($120.00) Bannockburn Pinot Noir ($120.00) and 1999 Bannockburn Shiraz ($90.00). Hope this will help. Regards, Sally www.bannockburnvineyards.com

Hello Tyson, Yes – we are happy to donate some wine. Sally and I have also already made cash donations to the appeal. We will put in a mixed six-pack – 3 x 2009 Arrivo Rosato,  2 x 2007 Arrivo Nebbiolo, and 1 x 2006 Arrivo Nebbiolo Lunga Macerazione. Retail value $318. All the best, Peter. www.arrivo.com.au

Hi Tyson – I can donate a dozen Reserve Shiraz 2005, which has received 4 1/2 cups from James Halliday, 4 1/2 stars Winestate, 1 silver Qld. Wine Awards, 5 bronze medals from various other shows.   I gather this will go to someone in Qld.   and that postage will be carried by the courier you arrange.   Regards Glen www.harringtonglenwines.com.au

Hi Tyson, I trust all is well – we’re all thinking of our friends in Queensland.  Congratulations on organising this raffle – I’m sure collectively we can help make a difference.  Rockford will be very happy to aid the cause with 6 bottles of 2008 Basket Press Shiraz ($318.00) 6 bottles of 2010 Disgorge Black Shiraz ($342.00) and 12 bottles of 2008 Rifle Range Cabernet Sauvignon ($432.00). Best of luck with the raffle! Cheers! David www.rockfordwines.com.au

Hi Tyson, I’d like to donate a dozen of our 2009 Leconfield Cabernet ($396) and a dozen 2009 Richard Hamilton Shiraz($216)to the cause. Thanks Mark www.leconfieldwines.com

Hi Tyson, I hope you and family are well. We’d be pleased to offer a case of each of the below for the cause:  6 bottles x 2005 McWilliam’s Mount Pleasant Lovedale Semillon, RRP $360, 6 bottles x 2005 McWilliam’s 1877 Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz, RRP $570, 6 bottles x 2005 McWilliam’s Mount Pleasant Cellar Aged Elizabeth Semillon, $137.94, 6 bottles x Brand’s Laira Vintage 40 Cabernet Sauvignon, $270. Best regards, Simone www.mcwilliamswinesgroup.com

Hi Tyson, We at Nugan Estate are more than happy to be able to help out the people in QLD after such an overwhelming and shocking event our thoughts go out to all effected by the floods. Please accept our donation of a dozen Cookoothama Botrytis Semillon ($251.40), a dozen Nugan Estate Manuka Durif ($275.40),a dozen Nugan Estate Frasca’s Chardonnay ($239.40), a dozen Nugan Estate Mclaren Shiraz ($275.40), a dozen Nugan Estate Alcira Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon ($275.40)and a dozen Nugan Estate Olive Oil ($240.00). Kind regards, Michelle, Matthew and Tiffany Nugan and staff of Nugan estate www.nuganestate.com.au

Tyson, GSM Vineyards is happy to provide 2 cases of its 2009 Barossa Semillon for the QLD Flood Appeal Raffle. Regards, Chris

Dear Tyson, Firstly, great to hear from you again and particularly in respect to this wonderful cause following the terrible floods in Queensland and elsewhere around the country! Indeed, Tyson, we would be only too happy to support this cause by offering the following very special limited bottling wines as raffle prizes: 2003 PL Futures Shiraz 3.0 Lt Double Magnum 1 Unit $180.00, 2005 PL Mentor Cabernet 3.0 Lt Double Magnum 1 Unit $250.00, 2005 PL Stonewell Shiraz 3.0 Lt Double Magnum 1 Unit $500.00. Tyson, our team at Cellar Door have also decided to help the cause by donating 10% of all our On-Line sales for the month of January, which includes any sales generated from our bi-monthly ‘Futures Club’ E-Newsletter. And, our PLW Social Club has also agreed to donate any funds from an internal fund-raiser to help with the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal and other similar appeals interstate. Finally, Tyson, hoping that this meets with your approval and I look forward to hearing back from you again at some stage in the not too distant future soon. Regards  Stoppa. www.peterlehmannwines.com

Hi Tyson, Well done on putting together the raffle to support those who have been affected by the devastating floods in Queensland. Sevenhill Cellars is pleased to support the project by donating a six-pack of our 2008 St Ignatius (Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc) and a six-pack of our 2008 St Aloysius Riesling. Value is $348. Regards, Paul www.sevenhill.com.au

Dear Tyson, We have had to deal with some flooding and the resultant mess of our own down here last week but nothing like we saw in QLD thank God, so Blue Pyrenees is happy to assist the QLD Premiers flood relief appeal with a donation of 6 magnums of 1998 vintage Midnight Cuvee sparkling wine. This wine is not available commercially (cellar Door Only) but these are conservatively valued at $80 each x 6 = $480 total. Cheers and good on you for organizing this on behalf of the wine trade. Kind regards, Andrew www.bluepyrenees.com.au

Dear Tyson, Thank you for your email. We would like to pledge 12 bottles of 2010 Vasse Felix Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, with a retail value of $300. Please note, we would love to send more, however we have already made donations to two major Queensland Flood appeals. We would arrange for our wine to be sent through Australia Post, and we would cover the cost of delivery. Kind regards, Elisha www.vassefelix.com.au

Hi Tyson, Nice work – that’s obviously a great initiative. I’ll donate: One dozen Thomas Wines 2010 Braemore Semillon (retail value $324.00), and One Dozen Thomas Wines 2009 DJV Shiraz (retail value $360.00). Kind Regards, Andrew www.thomaswines.com.au

Hello Tyson, I’m originally from Brisbane, all my family are still there, and I have been watching closely what has been happening. It has been amazing to watch so many people pitching in to help. I hope you and your loved ones are ok. I took a look at your upcoming auction and would like to donate a case of our 2006 Margaret River Shiraz. This wine won a gold medal at the Hobart International wine show and two silvers at Melbourne and Sydney International wine shows. We have created a label for the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal which we launched online this morning. Our artist put together a picture for the label which we think is wonderful. We will put these labels on the bottles. Kind Regards, David http://www.goodwillwine.com.au/charities/premiers-flood-relief-appeal

Hi Tyson, Iain has asked me to arrange a donation for the Australian Wine Trade Flood Relief Raffle and I have sitting here on my desk one Magnum of 2000 Brokenwood Graveyard Vineyard Shiraz. I hope this helps you to raise plenty… I went to university in Gatton lived in Laidley & Forest Hill so all a bit too close to home! I have been very distressed, like everyone, with what my home state & friends are going through. Would be very happy to purchase some tickets and am sure other Brokenwood Cru will feel the same! All the best, Sam www.brokenwood.com.au

Hi Tyson, Great idea. Wicks Estate would love to help, with 1case 2010 Sauvignon Blanc RRP $216, 1case 2010 Riesling RRP $216 1case 2010 Chardonnay RRP $216, 1case 2009 Shiraz RRP$ 228 and 1case 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon RRP $ 228 Total value $1104. Regards, Tim www.wicksestate.com.au

Congratulations Tyson for your excellent effort. Even though we in agriculture are well aware of the power of the weather, this disaster simply horrifies!  We would be more than happy to offer a mixed dozen – Pinot Blanc, Clairette, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Shiraz Cabernet and Zinfandel.  ($300). Cheers, Lenore www.jbwines.com

We would like to donate the following cases of wine for the raffle:- 1 case of 2010 Lerida Estate Viognier and 1 case of 2008 Lerida Estate Merlot Cabernet Franc. Kind regards, Jim Lumbers & Anne Caine www.leridaestate.com.au

Hi Tyson, Plantagenet would like to  donate  a case (12 bottles) of 2007 Plantagenet Shiraz valued at $480.00. Kind Regards, Lisa www.plantagenet.com

Hi Tyson, Winter Creek are more than happy to contribute. Please put us in for a case of mixed Winter Creek Wines. Retail value of $254. Cheers, Michael www.wintercreekwine.com.au

Hi Tyson, We would be more than happy to donate towards this. Please see below a list of the 4 items we would like to handover for fund-raising.  6pack 2006 Ben Schild Reserve Shiraz – RRP $180, A Dozen 2008 Shiraz- RRP $$240, 6pack 2006 Moorooroo Limited Release Shiraz- RRP $$510, 6pack 2007 Sparkling Shiraz – RRP $$150. We think it’s fantastic what your organising here- well done. Thanks Tyson. Anna www.schildestate.com.au

Well done Tyson & Mark, Put Clyde Park down for a magnum each of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Shiraz. All the best Terry & Sue www.clydepark.com.au

Hi Tyson, Pepper Tree Wines would like to put together 2 of our premium 5 star six packs which will be personally signed by Jim Chatto. All wines have received 94 points and above from James Halliday within his recent companion, the wines each pack includes are as followed: 2010 Alluvius Reserve Hunter Valley Semillon, 2008 Venus Block Reserve Orange Chardonnay, 2009 Coquun Reserve Hunter Valley Shiraz, 2008 The Gravels Reserve Wrattonbully Shiraz Viognier, 2007 Elderslee Road Reserve Wrattonbully Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008 Calcare Reserve Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon. Value per six packs is $212. Total Value of prize $424 (2 x Six packs personally signed by Jim Chatto). I hope the above helps in raising money for the QLD flood affected people. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you require any more additional information. Cheers, Tristan www.peppertreewines.com.au

Tyson, After our phone conversation the other day I sent an email to my fellow Regional Franchisees within the Fastway network including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle, Geelong, Bendigo, Albury, Hobart and, of course Adelaide.  All have responded positively saying they would be more than happy to support such a great initiative and provide free freight for the raffle prizes donated by the Wineries. Good luck with the rest of the lead up. Regards, Andrew www.fastway.com.au

Hi Tyson, Re the flood donation appeal, we will donate 1 case of La femme Savagnin 2010 vintage. Retail price = $20/bottle ($240/case). Good luck with it all. Kind regards, Wendy www.pindarie.com.au

G’day Tyson, Jeanneret Wines will donate 12 bottles each of our 2010 Big Fine Girl Riesling and 2008 Rank and File Shiraz.  The total retail value of this pledge is $504.00.  Good luck with it. Best regards, Ben www.jeanneretwines.com

Tyson, I appreciate your work in supporting the flood disaster and would like to donate 2 six packs of our 2009 Fortuna (value $300). I hope it brings someone good health and good luck as there are lots of people who could do with some good fortune. Let’s hope 2012 is a better vintage. Regards Brian www.freemanvineyards.com.au

Hi Tyson, We would be happy to donate 2 cases of our 2010 Sauvignon Blanc to this cause. We will wait to hear back from you as to when and where we should send these. Good luck with the raffle, is it a great idea! Regards, Marianne www.brangayne.com

Hi Tyson, What a great idea this is! Well done. BVE would like to offer a 2005 Magnum of Ebenezer Shiraz RRP $75.00. Cheers, Tom www.bve.com.au

Hi Tyson, Congratulations on the initiative Tyson. We’d love to support the Flood Relief Raffle and will donate a dozen each of the following Crabtree Watervale Rieslings: 2010 Crabtree Watervale Riesling RRP $25, 2009 Crabtree Hilltop Vineyard Riesling RRP $22, 2008 Crabtree Watervale Riesling RRP $25. Just give us a call if you need extra for mixed or themed dozens. Kind regards, Richard & Rasa www.crabtreewines.com.au

Hi Tyson, What a fabulous idea, and of course Greenock Creek Wines would be happy to be involved and provide a donation for your Flood Relief Raffle. We would be happy to provide one dozen of the 2008 Seven Acre Shiraz (RRP $576.00). Hopefully your raffle will be extremely successful and help to make a small difference to those affected. Thank you for contacting us, and making the effort to organise such a wonderful fundraiser. Kind regards, Michael & Annabelle, Greenock Creek Wines

Castle Lion Wines of Western Australia would like to donate 1 dozen 2007 Castle Lion Organically Grown Cabernet Merlot and 1 dozen 2007 Castle Lion Organically Grown Shiraz. Each with a recommended retail price of $179.88 per dozen. Regards, Mike www.the-crush.com.au

Hi Tyson, We would love to help out with this great initiative. We will donate a six pack of our 2010 ‘The Merle’ Reserve Riesling, value $240. Great stuff & will hear from you soon. Cheers! Neil, Andrew & all at Pikes. www.pikeswines.com.au

Hi there! Thank you for pulling this together and giving us an avenue to help during this horrific time.  Hope you are all safe and sound.  We would like to donate a dozen 2007 St. Jakobi Shiraz ($420), a dozen 2010 Cab Mac Shiraz ($240), a dozen 2008 GHR Neighbours Shiraz ($300) and a box of 28 of My Dad Has Purple Hands books ($700). We’ll also spread the word about the raffle through our mailing list. Cheers, Brenda and Wayne  www.dutschkewines.com

Hi Tyson, We are in for a dozen of the 2007 Alexander Munro Shiraz. $840.00 RRP. regards, Garth www.meereapark.com.au

Tyson, Glad to hear you avoided the floods directly. We would be happy to offer 2 cases of Printhie. 1 x 2009 Printhie Mountain Range Merlot – $204 value, 1 x 2010 Printhie Mountain Range Chardonnay – $204 value. Hope this can help raise some money. Cheers, Dave www.printhiewines.com.au

Hello Tyson, Naturally we’d like to help and would like to offer the following for the raffle: 2 x 6pk Suckfizzle Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2006 (current release) – value $45 / bottle, 1 dozen bottles Stella Bella Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2009 (current release) – value $21 / bottle. We wish you every success with this worthy initiative, and our thoughts are with all of you in these difficult times. Sincerely on behalf of Stella Bella Wines, Hal www.stellabella.com.au

Hi Tyson, Heartland & Glaetzer would love to donate to the flood relief raffle. From Glaetzer (Barossa Valley) we’ll set aside 6 x bottles of Amon-Ra Shiraz 09 ($540 RRP), and 6 x bottles of Glaetzer Anaperenna 09. ($312 RRP) Heartland (Langhorne Creek/Limestone Coast) will chip in 1 x dozen Directors’ Cut Shiraz 09 ($396 RRP). Well done on getting this organised. From Ben and the team at Heartland & Glaetzer www.glaetzer.com

Dear Tyson, My heart goes out to all who have been touched by these tragic events. Please put me down for a case of 2007 Marius Simpatico, Retail $300. Regards, Roger www.mariuswines.com.au

Hi Tyson, We’d be delighted to help. We can offer 2 cases of the Vertigo ‘25GR’ Riesling; retail value $550. Peter www.lalinea.com.au

Tyson , happy new year . Let’s hope the balance of the year is better than the start. Julie and I would be pleased to contribute :  –  6 bottles of our 2007  Toolangi  Reserve Chardonnay  (  RRP :  $ 85 each ), -6 bottles  of our 2006 Toolangi Reserve Shiraz  ( RRP  :  $ 65  each ). Regards , Garry. www.toolangi.com

Gidday Tyson,Mark, I work for Nicks wine Merchants in Melbourne where I heard about your initiative.I also happen to import a few Burgundies of my own and I am throwing a 6 pack of Vieux Clos du Chateau de Citeaux “Monopole” (Decanter Regional trophy world wine awards 2010). Retail value Appprox. $520.
Bloody good idea you had gents. Let me know when it’s needed. Greg

Hi Tyson, I hope things are going ok for you up there. I am happy to submit a magnum of 2007 Coldstream Pinot. Cheers, Mac www.macforbes.com

Hi Tyson, We plan to give you a six pack of 2009 Caillard Mataro. The value is $45 a bottle. We have also donated $$ to the flood appeal through Woolworths – if we donate $1 they match it – so it makes sense to double the value of our donation. Perhaps you could put the cash into that appeal too to optimise your effort? Not sure if that works but could find out. If there is anything I can do, let me know. Regards Andrew. www.langtons.com.au

Hi Tyson, I hope all is improving in Qld, and no doubt a long and arduous task. Please count Thorn-Clarke in for the below support: 1 dozen 2007 Shotfire Barossa Quartage RRP $276, 1 dozen 2009 Sandpiper Eden Valley Chardonnay  RRP $192. Best of luck with the raffle and we hope you raise plenty for this very worthwhile cause. Cheers, Ben www.thornclarkewines.com

Gday Tyson, We would love to help out in some way. We will through in a case of 2010 riesling and a case of 2008 cab/sauv towards the raffle. Keep up the good work. Cheers scooter. www.cardinham.com

Dear Tyson, Just a quick email to let you know we will be glad to help sell tickets and will put this on our website.  We would also like to donate some wines and we have a bottle of Vietti Barbera Old Vine Scarrone 2005 (approx $300), a magnum of Clonakilla Shiraz 2006 (approx $150) and a few mixed dozens ($250 each) we would like to donate.  And well done for coordinating this great effort. Best regards, Philip www.princewinestore.com.au

Hi Tyson & Mark, Thanks for putting this together so we can all easily contribute to the flood relief effort. We would be happy to donate the following: 6 pack 09 Willow Creek Vineyard Chardonnay Value $240 6 pack 09 Willow Creek Vineyard Pinot Noir Value $240 6 pack 06 Willow Creek Vineyard Brut Value $240 We would also be happy to sell raffle tickets through our Cellar Door. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again, Emily www.willow-creek.com.au

Hi Tyson, It was great meeting you at Wine Rules in Melbourne late last year. From one good cause to another, Simon Cant and I would like to contribute some wine on behalf of Treasury Wine Estates. We’d like to contribute one 6-pack each of Saltram Winemaker’s Selection Cabernet Sauvignon and ‘Estate Grown’ Shiraz Tempranillo (retail value $600). This is in addition to other donations made by TWE directly to the QLD Premier’s Flood Relief Fund, which to-date total around $500,000. Wishing you the very best for this fundraiser, Caroline and Simon. www.treasurywineestates.com

Hi Tyson, Amy Burch has asked me to contact you and advise that we will provide: 2 x Cases of Howard Park Sauvignon Blanc, 5 x Cases of MadFish Premium White, 5 x Cases of MadFish Premium Red for donations to the Wine Raffle for the Flood Relief Appeal.  We are very happy to help you with this and we send our best wishes for a very successful Appeal. Kind regards, Annette www.howardparkwines.com.au

Hi Tyson, This is a great idea, and a dozen 2006 Bethany Shiraz is small but it all helps for a big job in front of so many Queenslanders. Greetings from all of us down South , Robert  www.bethany.com.au

Hi Tyson and Mark. Eden Road Wines would love to support this wonderful initiative by donating 3 X mixed 6 packs of our Long Road range (value $378). And would love to sell tickets at our cellar door. Kind regards, The Eden Road Team. www.edenroadwines.com.au

Hi Tyson – thank you for the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful initiative. Milhinch Wines would like to donate a case of 2007 Seize the Day Single Vineyard Shiraz (rrp $348) and a case of 2010 Seize the Day Rosé (rrp $240). Good luck with it all! Peter & Sharyn www.seizetheday.net.au

I would like to help out however I can. I can donate “gift certificates” that can be used at any of our upcoming events at the Sydney Wine Centre. Perhaps 10 x $50 certificates? Would this be appropriate? I can also sell tickets either through the Sydney Wine Centre or through Porter’s Liquour Pyrmont. Tim www.sydneywinecentre.com.au

Dear Tyson and Mark, As a winemaker originating from Queensland, spent good formative years in Northern NSW and have worked and lived in regional Vic I am very keen to support your flood relief wine raffle. I will donate 2 x dozen of my wines – they are the first releases of Bellwether, the 2006 Coonawarra Cabernet and the 2009 Tamar Valley Chardonnay. Retail this would be worth $1,200. Well done on your initiative – happy to help out in any other way if needed. Cheers, Sue www.bellwetherwines.com.au

Hi Tyson, Congrats on getting the Flood Relief Raffle initiative up and running. Although, the Oyster Bay office based at the Albion Park Raceway in Brisbane was flood ravaged with very little equipment salvaged our loss cannot be compared to the many families and households that were severely affected. I am very fortunate that I have a great team of people prepared to work outside of their job descriptions and willing to don gumboots, mask and gloves for a day. It is our pleasure to provide a small amount of stock to support the raffle. We would be happy to donate two cases of Oyster Bay Sauvignon 2010 valued at $240 each for the appeal. Kind regards, Kelly www.oysterbay.com

Tyson, Got your message, I’m OS at the moment. The floods in QLD have been receiving world media attention and indeed a very tragic event. Happy to donate. Suggest we can supply: a 6 bottle case of Orlando Jacaranda Ridge Cabernet, a 6 bottle case of Orlando Lawsons Shiraz, a 6 bottle case of St Hugo Cabernet Sauvignon, 2 X rare old Orlando Tawny Ports –  will confirm details, a few big bottles, magnums, Jeroboams – will confirm details. Regards, Bernard. www.orlandowines.com

Hi Tyson, We will donate a mixed case of our wines. 3 x 2009 Coolangatta Estate Wollstonecraft Semillon, 3 x 2010 Coolangatta Estate Savagnin, 3 x 2010 Coolangatta Estate Verdelho, 3 x 2009 Coolangatta Estate Rose` (Chambourcin/ Cabernet). Case Value $ 249.00.  Best Wishes, Ben Wallis (and on behalf of Greg) www.coolangattaestate.com.au

Hi Tyson, Happy New Year.  Happy to donate two cases of UMAMU namely, UMAMU Estate 2006 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, Retail value AUD264,  UMAMU Estate 2005 Shiraz, Retail value AUD336. Kind regards, Charmaine www.umamuestate.com

Hi Tyson, Please put Bloodwood down for a case of our 2006 Maurice (Cabernet Reserve) RRP $500, and good luck with the proceeds. We’re all Queenslanders now! Stephen Doyle www.bloodwood.biz

Hi again Tyson, The Pike & Joyce families would like to donate a mixed dozen too. 3 bottles each of Sauv Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Rose & Pinot Noir – value $320.  Looks like it coming along fantastically! Cheers! Pud www.pikeandjoyce.com.au

Hi Tyson, Thanks for writing. I have seen your campaign being launched and would be happy for you to use pictures from our vineyard. I’ll send some through directly. Unfortunately, things are far from settled down. Today, the river is at it’s third highest peak ever recorded, which is now the third flood in less than 12 months. The water is predicted to stay at this height for several days before starting to recede. We finished picking Chardonnay grapes on Saturday and transporting them out by barge, 2 bins at a time. Ironically, it’s the largest Chardonnay crop we’ve produced. Dana www.riversandswines.com

Hi Tyson, Langmeil would like to contribute the following wines: 1 case (6pk) – 2008 Langmeil Barossa Freedom Shiraz – RRP $600.00, 1 case (6pk) – 2008 Langmeil Barossa Orphan Bank Shiraz – RRP $300.00, 1 case (6pk) – 2008 Langmeil Barossa Jackamans Cabernet Sauvignon – RRP $300.00, 1 case (6pk) – 2008 Langmeil Barossa Fifth Wave Grenache – RRP $210.00, Total = $1410.00 Regards, James www.langmeilwinery.com.au

Tyson, Orlando Wines would like to donate the following to the appeal for flood relief: Weeekend for 4 in the Barossa Valley. Trip includes: Accomodation for 2 nights at the historic Jacob’s Estate cottages, lunch for 4 at the Jacob’s Creek Visitor Centre to the value of $650.00, tour of the Steingarten Vineyard, structured wine tasting, return flights to Adelaide from any capital city within Australia and a hire car for 2 days. We will also include 6 bottles each of St Hugo and Centenary Hill. Estimated value – $5000. Please note we require 4 weeks booking notice. Regards, Greg www.jacobscreek.com

Hi Tyson, Fantastic job with this appeal! Simpatico Wines would love to be involved with the Wine Trade Flood Relief Raffle. We are happy to donate one of our Winemakers Selection Packs (RRP $162) and a Simpatico Wines cap (RRP$20). Best regards, Rachel www.simpaticowines.com.au

Hi Tyson, Many thanks to you Tyson for putting together a wine industry specific fundraiser.  I think we are a very spirited industry, makes me proud to be Aussie and proud to be part of the Aussie Wine Community.  We’d love to assist.  We would like to donate the following: 6 pack of 2010 JYT Selection Semillon (RRP $150), 6 pack of 2007 JYT Selection Shiraz (RRP $300). I hope this helps with the cause.  Let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist. Tulloch has also made a cash donation to the Premiers Flood Relief appeal of $5400. Kind regards, Christina www.tulloch.com.au

Morning Tyson, Sticks Yarra Valley will donate 2 x mixed dozen wines from our Yarra Valley and No.29 Range (valued at approximately $361 per dozen) and a 5 litre bottle of our 2006 No.29 Pinot Noir (valued at $299 per bottle). Hope this helps a great cause. Cheers, Luke. www.sticks.com.au

Dear Tyson, Thank you for your email. I would be happy to donate one place in my “A Tavola!” cooking school valued at $140. All the best, Katrina. www.pizzini.com.au

Hi Tyson, Great initiative – good on you!  Bibendum has committed to a contribution of $10,000 worth of wine to be allocated amongst the various initiatives of our colleagues and customers. I can offer you a magnum of Larmandier-Bernier Terre de Vertus 1er Cru Non Dose NV (RRP $292.00) and a case of 2008 Negoce Heathcote Shiraz (RRP $240). Cheers, Fleur www.bibendum.com.au

Hi Tyson, We will donate 1 case (12’s and 6’s)of everything we make. 1×12 Christian Chenin Blanc 2010, 1×12 Driftsand Grenache/Shiraz 2008, 1×12 Ripper Creek Shiraz/Cabernet 2009, 1×12 Good Shepherd Cabernet/Malbec 2009, 1×6 Christine’s Vineyard Grenache 2009, 1×6 Full Circle Mataro 2007, 1×6 Boundaries Cabernet 2008, 1×6 Black Guts Shiraz 2008. Kind regards, Dennis www.rusdenwines.com.au

Hello, Rosabrook Wines Margaret River would like to donate 6 x 6 packs of Rosabrook Classic 2009 to the Australian Wines Trade Flood Relief Raffle.  RRP $17 per bottle. Total RRP of donation: $612. Thanks, Amy Calneggia www.rosabrook.com.au

Hi Tyson, I’ll throw in a case of 2006 Rossco’s Shiraz ($504) which I hope will be a help. Good work on putting this together and let’s hope it raises plenty for those who need it. Cheers, Steve, www.heritagewinery.com.au

Hi Tyson, Two Rivers would only be too happy to help – I just watch the Television and wish I lived closer so I could physically help out. We will donate a mixed case of Two Rivers Wine – value at $200.00. Well done to you for organizing this. Cheers Linda www.tworiverswines.com.au

We are happy to donate a mixed case of our wines value $248, hope this will be of help. While we are a little known winery, our vintages regularly sell out and our wines have medalled internationally – so hopeful the donation will be of value to you. Cheers, Julie www.bonkingfrog.com.au

Dear Tyson,www.cwines.com.au

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you with the remainder of wines to donate, just been pooling the final wines, please find additions below: 1 6pk 2005 Eileen Hardy Shiraz ($110 per bottle), 1 6pk 2006 Thomas Hardy Cabernet Sauvignon ($110 per bottle), 5 x 6pk Houghton Wisdom Sparkling 2007 ($32 per bottle),  5 x 6pk Houghton CW Ferguson Cabernet Sauvignon ($55 per bottle), 2 x 6pk Tintara Single Vineyard Upper Tintara Shiraz 2004 ($80 per bottle) and 2 x 6pk Tintara Single Vineyard Blewitt Springs Shiraz 2004 ($80 per bottle). I hope that makes for some nice additions to the selection of wines on the list. Let me know if you need any more help. Thank you, Alix  

Hi Tyson, Please find below the donations from Pernod Ricard Australia inc RRPs. Once again, well done on this and good luck on raffle day! We will wait to hear who the winners are so we can send them these wines. 4 cases 2010 Stoneleigh Rapaura Pinot Gris – RRP $25.99 per bottle ( $155.94 per case), 4 cases 2010 Brancott Estate Letter Series Brancott Sauvignon Blanc- RRP $26.99 per bottle ($161.94 per case). Total value: $1,271.52. Cheers Tyson, Jeanine www.pernod-ricard-australia.com

Tyson, I can now confirm the donation pledge of over 14 dozen excellent wines, valued at more than $2,600, from the Moorabool Valley which the wineries of the region are pleased to give in support of the Queensland flood relief raffle.  Yours is a great initiative in response to a devastating event.  The full donation is detailed in the table below.  All the best.  Austins Wines sixfootsix Pinot, Shiraz, Pinot Gris Mixed 2 dozen $480, Clyde Park Clyde Park 2009 Rose 1 dozen $312, Eagles Rise Eagles Rise 2009 Pinot Gris 1 dozen $240, Lethbridge Wines Shiraz, Pinot, Pinot Gris, Riesling 4 Pack $152, Rowsley Fault Sutherlands Creek 2006 Pinot, 2007 Viognier 2 dozen of each, 4 dozen total $840, Spence Wines Spence 2005 Shiraz, 2008 Pinot Noir, 2008 Chardonnay Mixed 2 dozen $600. TOTAL 14 Dozen + 4, $2,624. Steve www.gplains.vic.gov.au

Hi Tyson, Great work, very pleased to donate a case each of our 2006 Heathfield Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon and 2010 Heathfield Ridge Sauvignon Blanc. Regards, Ben www.tidswellwines.com.au

Tyson, Hopefully we can still come on board with the fundraiser. Have put some wines up for a local flood appeal (going to Qld Premier’s appeal), but will add to your appeal with a mixed dozen from Ciavarella Oxley Estate. Also, if you send info re the online ticket sales, we will pass them on. Have you thought to set up a facebook page to promote the appeal? It is good to be able to help in this small way, and collectively I am sure we can, through your great initiative, generate a good amount toward the appeal. Regards, Tony www.oxleyestate.com.au

 Hi Tyson, We’re able to contribute the following:- 2 dozen – 2005 Journeys End Embarkment Shiraz (total retail value A$480.00). Kind Regards, Simon www.journeysendvineyards.com.au

Hi Tyson, Here is the contents of the case of wine we can donate, retail value of $375: Ladies who Shoot their Lunch Riesling 2009, Surveyor Thomson Pinot Noir 2007, Lerida Estate Chardonnay 2009, De Fournier Sauvignon Blanc 2008, Plantagenet Riesling 2009, Wine by Brad Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2010, Fox Creek Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2008, Elstree Cuvee Brut 2006, Peter Lehman The Futures 2007, Lerida Estate Shiraz Viognier 2008, Minot Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2009, Minot Cabernet Sauvignon 2007. Also, we’ve been advertising the raffle.  Good luck with the raffle. Thanks & best regards, Elissa www.oakbarrel.com.au

Hi Tyson, We would like to help out with the following mixed dozen:-  1/12 Classic Muscat, 1/12 Classic Tokay, 1/12 Classis Tawny, 2/12 Spk Shiraz/Durif, 2/12 2007 Durif, 2/12 2006 Shiraz, 1/12 2008 Cabernet, 1/12 2008 Grenache/Shiraz, 1/12 2008 Cinsaut. Regards, Aileen www.morriswines.com

Dear Tyson, Have arrived back from India safe and sound and now catching up with everything. The last flood has not done any long term damage but my vineyard managers have reported that they are being challenged by the continuing wet and humid conditions but, touch wood, all is under control at the moment. I would like to donate 1 dozen each of the 2004 Tahbilk “ESP” Shiraz and Cabernet sauvignon which both have a recommended retail of $70/bottle or a total of $1,680 to the Flood Relief Appeal. Regards, Alister www.tahbilk.com.au

Hi Tyson, put us on the list for some of our wines. 1 x 3 Litre 2006 The Old Faithful Shiraz value $120, 6 x 750ml 2006 The Old Faithful Shiraz $330, 6 x 750ml 2008 James Haselgrove Futures Shiraz $264. Cheers, James www.haselgrovevignerons.com

Gday Tyson, We are more than happy to contribute. If it suits, we would like to offer a case of Moss Wood 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon. It has been extraordinary watching the floods  unfold.  I hope you weren’t too badly affected and good luck with the clean up.  It looks like it will be a big one!! Cheers, Keith. www.mosswood.com.au

Hi Tyson and Mark, You’re doing a wonderful thing. On behalf of [yellow tail], I would like to pledge 6 bottles of our [yellow tail] Limited Release Wrattonbully Shiraz (RRP $360) – one of Australia’s top red wines as voted by the Winestate panel.  Gillian www.yellowtailwine.com

Dear Tyson, Great to see you co-ordinating efforts for this. While we are also donating elsewhere for the flood relief as well we appreciate the oportuunity to donate to donate to this co-ordinated industry efforts- We will send 2 cases of wine, our current 2006 Chardonnay (28 medals, 2 trophies 8 gold medals) and out Bordeaux blend Cabernet (85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3% Cabernet Franc, 7% Merlot and 5% Petit Verdot). Please let us know where to send the wine. Kind regards, Graeme & Bernadette Miller www.graememillerwines.com.au

Tyson and Mark – a great initiative and of course Bethany Wines is only to happy to help. We’ll donate a dozen 2006 Bethany Shiraz (value $336) and a magnum of our 1997 GR5 Reserve Cabernet ($210). Hope the raffle is a huge success. All the best, Geoff & Robert www.bethany.com.au

Dear Tyson, Thompson Estate will be happy to contribute 2 cases of wine to the worthy cause which you are organising: Andrea Reserve Cabernet Merlot 2005 Retail $480. Thompson Estate Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2007  Retail $300. Best wishes, Peter. www.thompsonestate.com

Hi Tyson.  We received an email from Chris at Whistler Wines in regards to the Australian Wine Trade Flood Relief Raffle you are organising for the Qld floods. Rosenvale Wines, from the Barossa Valley, would like to donate 6 bottles of our 2004 Reserve Shiraz ($234) for the Raffle.  Good luck with the raffle. Regards, James & Sahar www.rosenvale.com.au

Hi Tyson, Confirming the following donations for the Qld Flood Appeal Raffle: BALGOWNIE ESTATE, BENDIGO:  x2 DOZEN 2008 Estate Shiraz (Value $480 per case). KRINKLEWOOD BIODYNAMIC VINEYARD, HUNTER VALLEY: x1 DOZEN 2009 WILD RED,  x1 DOZEN 2010 WILD WHITE  (Value $192 per case). TIM SMITH WINES, BAROSSA VALLEY & ADELAIDE HILLS: x1 MIXED DOZEN, includes x6 2009 Tim Smith Viognier, x6 2009 Tim Smith MGS  (Value $336 ) Please use my name as key contact for all – I will arrange the sending of wine to winners. Thanks again for co-ordinating this, it’s wonderful and I’m sure will result in an incredible contribution. Best, Rachel www.moaks.com.au

Hi Tyson, Congratulations on this fundraising endeavour. We’re really happy to support and offer: 1) a 3 bottle case of Leeuwin Estate Art  Series Chardonnay magnums – 2007  vintage. RRP is $230.00. 2) a 3 bottle case of Leeuwin Estate Art Series Cabernet magnums – 2001 vintage. RRP is $130.00. 3) Mixed 12 bottle 750ml case of 2006, 2007 and 2008 Art Series Chardonnay wines. RRP approx $1000.00. Best wishes – SIMONE www.leeuwinestate.com.au

Hi Tyson, Leanne asked me to contact you – we would be delighted to assist you with your flood relief raffle. We would like to offer 4 dozen of our premium Yarra Valley wines as well as some Noble One.  I am on leave today but will confirm the value to you on Monday. Kind regards and best wishes for this great initiative. Toni www.debortoli.com.au

Gidday Tyson,  I have already committed 6 bottles of Chateau de Citeaux Vieux Clos  monopole a week ago.In addition, Phillipe the owner of the estate, who’s  got fond memories of his time here in Oz, has thrown  in a magnum of  Meursault Grands Charrons for the raffle. Best of Regards,  Gregory www.duplonk.com

Hi Tyson, We’d love to help out! Happy to put forward: a dozen 08 Stone Dwellers Riesling, a dozen 08 Stone Dwellers Shiraz and a dozen 09 Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch Riesling. Best regards, Sarah Knight www.plunkettfowles.com.au

Smidge Wines would like to donate a 6 pack of our 2006 ‘S’ Barossa Shiraz, valued at $65 a bottle. Cheers Matt & Trish www.smidgewines.com

Hey Tyson, happy to provide a mixed case of our Charred Door Shiraz, including ’06 ’07 & ’08 vintages. Great work in pulling this together. Cheers Todd www.tearoestate.com

Hi Tyson, I am so heartened by this initiative and the response it has generated from the wine industry (which is no stranger to natural disaster). I would love to offer my support by offering a mixed case of wine valued at $270 (comprising a selection of premium labels from a variety of boutique Australian producers). My pledge is small, however I hope it will help my fellow Queenslanders (and other Aussies touched by this tragedy) in some way. Keep up the fantastic effort, Rebecca www.thegourmetbelle.com.au

Hello Tyson, Penfolds can donate a magnum of 1996 Grange and a magnum of 1980 Bin 707. Best, Peter www.penfolds.com.au

Hi Tyson, We would like to offer 4 dozen of the following premium De Bortoli wines: Yarra Valley Reserve Release Chardonnay $45, YVRR Syrah $50,YVEG Sauvignon $22, YVEG Pinot Noir $35,Rococo Blanc de Blancs $22, Rococo Rose $22, La Boheme Act 2 $22, La Boheme Act 3 $22, Melba Lucia $28, Melba Reserve $45, Noble One x 2 $30 (ea) = $60, TOTAL VALUE = $365 (RRP) x 4 dozen = $1,460 (RRP). If you would prefer a totally mixed four dozen wines – in preference to 4 identical designs – we can change the suggested list above. Please let me know if we can provide any further information, imagery, tasting information etc. Good luck with the fund raising – great solution and great cause. Thanks, Toni www.debortoli.com.au

Hi Tyson, Stuart has asked me to contact you as he is currently overseas. St Hallett would like to donate 1 x dozen 2008 St Hallett Faith Shiraz, retail value $228.00, 1 x 3 litre 2005 Blackwell Shiraz in a wooden box, retail value $160.00. I’ll wait to hear from you for freighting instructions. Cheers, Vanessa. www.sthallett.com.au

Hi Tyson, We would like to donate 6 pk of each 08 Devote Old Vine Grenache, 08 Devote Cabernet Sauvignon, and 08 Devote Greenock Shiraz.($540 total)cheers Susan and Michael Papps www.yellandandpapps.com

Tyson, I’ll donate a carton of 2008 BallBuster –  RRP $20 per bottle. Cheers Bruno www.taitwines.com.au

Hello Tyson, Due to the ongoing weather events continuing to threaten the east coast, I’m going to upgrade our contribution and send a whole case of BCE to you instead, value $360 (6 bottles). Have a great day.  With Kind Regards, Sophia www.edwardswines.com.au

Hi Tyson, Scarborough would like to donate 5 cases of 2008 White Label Chardonnay -sorry about the lateness of my reply. Cheers Sally www.scarboroughwine.com.au

Dear Tyson, Fantastic job and congratulations on such a great initiative!!  Jim Barry Wines would like to donate a case of 2010 Silly Mid On Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon. (RRP $240.00). Keep up the good work! Kind regards, Belinda. www.jimbarry.com

Dear Tyson, Confirming on Bernard Hickin’s behalf the wines we would like to offer for the Australian Wine Trade Flood Relief Raffle. 1 x 6 bottle case of 2005 Orlando Jacaranda Ridge Coonawarra Cabernet, 1 x 6 bottle pack of 2004 Orlando Lawsons Padthaway Shiraz, 1 x 6 pack of 2007 Jacob’s Creek St Hugo Coonawarra Cabernet, 1 x 3 litre 2002 Jacob’s Creek St Hugo Coonawarra Cabernet, 1 x 1.5 litre 1998 Jacaranda Ridge, 1 x 1.5 litre 1998 Lawsons Shiraz, 2 x 750 ml 1963 Orlando 1963 Vintage Tawny Port. The large format bottle are all in wooden display boxes. When the winner/winners are known we would be more than happy to forward the prizes to them if that would be of assistance to you. Regards and good luck with the raffle. Regards, Peter Robinson www.orlandowines.com

Hi Tyson, We would be happy to donate the following wine: 2008 Stonier Reserve Chardonnay  1 dozen, 2008 Stonier Reserve Pinot Noir 1 dozen. Kind regards, Mike www.stoniers.com.au

Hi Tyson, From a Yalumba and Hill Smith Family Vineyards point of view, we’d like to donate the following – with approximate retail prices: 1 doz Smith & Hooper Merlot 2008 – $265, 6 bottles Yalumba Shiraz Viognier 2006 – $130, 6 bottles Yalumba Eden Valley Viognier 2008 – $150, 1 magnum of 2007 Yalumba The Menzies Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon – $110. I hope that the raffle is a great success – you’re fabulous for arranging this. Let me know if there’s anything else that you need. Kind regards, Pip www.yalumba.com

Hi Tyson, We’re so glad to hear you have not been directly affected by the floods.  We also applaud your initiative to assist those who have suffered due to the devastation of the floods. We would like to donate one dozen of our 2009 Bobbie Burns Shiraz.  It is a very special vintage as it’s our 40th consecutive release of our beloved Bobbie! The RRP for the dozen is $275.40. Kind regards, Susie www.campbellswines.com.au

Hi Tyson. Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in this very special fundraising event and we would love to donate some wine to your flood relief raffle. Gatt Wines will donate: 6 magnums 2010 Gatt High Eden Riesling @ $50 each and 6 magnums 2008 Gatt High Eden Shiraz @ $120 each (Total retail value: $1,020). It’s a great initiative and we are glad to help in any way we can. Gatt Wines www.gattwines.com.

Hi Tyson, I have available a 1.5L 2004 Sophia Magnum available, RRP $160. Cheers, Cassandra www.craggyrange.com.au

Hi Tyson, Nice work, hope you are out of the water. Yabby lake happy to donate 5 dozen mixed wine from our stable (2007 Yabby Lake Chardonnay, 2007 Yabby Lake Pinot Noir, 2007 Red Claw Heathcote Shiraz, 2008 Red Claw Chardonnay, 2008 Cooralook Cabernet Merlot). Total value $2004 (or $2000 is probably simpler) so each mixed dozen is valued at approximately $400. Cheers and good luck, let me know if there is anything else we can do…. Tom www.yabbylake.com

Hello Tyson, hope you are keeping well.  I have spoken with Warren Randall our MD and he would like to offer the following donation. One bottle each of 100ml Seppeltsfield Para Vintage Tawny commemorating the QLD floods over time….. 1893, 1916, 1974, 2011. Total RRP value is $1166.00. We trust this will be a fitting prize in your wine raffle. Cheers, Nicole. www.seppeltsfield.com.au