The Effervescent Tales of Tasmanian Sparkling!

While the world was locked down last year I visited the sparkling folk of Tasmania to share their incredible stories with our friends around the world. This five part series is not a paid presentation. Very much a labour of love! Thanks to the winemakers for sharing their journeys, to Joe Chelkowski for filming, and to the Tasmanian Department of State Growth for sponsoring Joe’s costs. Pour yourself a big glass and sit back… these are the effervescent tales of Tasmanian sparkling!

Introducing the effervescent tales of Tasmanian sparkling!
Natalie Fryar shares the story of Bellebonne and just what it takes to create a sparkling brand.
Ed Carr shares the story of House of Arras, the most successful sparkling brand in Australian history.
Andrew Pirie shares the story of Apogee and how sparkling production in northern Tasmania very nearly never happened.
Fran Austin and Shane Holloway share the story of Delamere and how Champagne has inspired their vineyard in Piper’s River.
Fred Peacock shares the story of Bream Creek and what global warming means for sparkling winemaking in Tasmania.