The State of Play of Champagne in Australia 2017

In years to come we will look back on the past year as a dramatic watershed for champagne in Australia. We have witnessed a fundamental shift: never before has our champagne drinking evolved so far, so fast. Australia has transformed into one of the most important and dynamic champagne markets on earth, stepping into a lead role in the global balance of champagne.

Welcome to my fifth annual report on the state of champagne in Australia and across the globe. I commenced my fourth report last year by proposing that developments were at hand that were changing the face of champagne in Australia, and that all the signs suggested that this was just the beginning. My, how dramatically things have evolved this year! Read on: this 32 page report represents the most comprehensive overview I have ever penned on a year in the life of the champagne world.

My free report The State of Play of Champagne in Australia 2017 is a detailed trawl through all the very latest statistics and analysis:

  • 13 reasons why 2017 was Australia’s best champagne year ever
  • A dramatic year of fundamental change
  • Australia pops new champagne record
  • Not all is sparkling
  • Champagne globally 2017
  • Global milestone
  • France has lost its bubble
  • The bubble has burst in the UK and European Union
  • Australia, USA and Japan to the rescue
  • 2019 and beyond
  • Taste Champagne
  • Champagne’s Top Ten Markets
  • Remarkable consumption
  • Champagne high down under
  • Champagne houses, growers and coopératives
  • The Grower Crisis
  • Diminishing values
  • Limited house diversity
  • Limited grower diversity
  • Limited coopérative diversity
  • Non-vintage obsession
  • Rosé: Australia’s big underperformer
  • Prestige explosion
  • Vintage promise

The State of Play of Champagne in Australia 2017 is a free download. Please feel free to reproduce, forward and share it ad nauseam.


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