The State of Play of Champagne in the UK 2018

It’s a dramatic watershed year for champagne in the UK. One British champagne importer described it as ‘the looming end of the world’ while the Director General of the Comité Champagne suggests it’s the beginning of a new period for champagne globally. At the rate of current trends, the USA will snatch the UK’s mantle as Champagne’s biggest export market next year.

Where lies the truth in these convoluted days? How have the GFC and Brexit shaped the state of play of champagne in the UK this year? Where are the cracks widening, and where are the points of optimism and opportunity?

Welcome to my sixth annual report on the state of champagne across the globe, and the first with a unique focus on Champagne’s number one export market of the UK.

This 27 page report represents the most comprehensive overview on a year in the life of champagne – a rigorous fermentation of all the latest trends and analysis to emerge from up-to-the minute data just released into the public domain.

My free report The State of Play of Champagne in the UK 2018 is a detailed trawl through all the very latest statistics and analysis:

  • Champagne in the UK: The state of play in 2018
  • The bubble has burst in the UK
  • Has it lost its sparkle?
  • A brand new era in the world of champagne
  • France off the bubble
  • The rest of the world to the rescue
  • Champagne globally 2018
  • Why Taste Champagne London?
  • The UK’s unique champagne demographic
  • Champagne’s top ten markets
  • Remarkable consumption
  • Champagne in the UK losing its sparkle
  • Champagne houses, growers and coopératives
  • The grower crisis… and coopérative revival
  • Depressed values
  • Limited house diversity
  • Growers hit a record low
  • Limited cooperative diversity
  • Non-vintage preoccupation
  • Rosé on form
  • Prestige crash
  • Vintage decline

The State of Play of Champagne in the UK 2018 is a free download. Please feel free to reproduce, forward and share it far and wide.

The four infographics below provide a snapshot of champagne in the UK and the world in 2018. Click on each to view in high res.