Tyson Stelzer’s Glass Polishing Cloth

A decent glass is the most important thing you need to make the most of every bottle, and a great polishing cloth is the best way to keep your glass in top form.

I couldn’t find the perfect glass polishing cloth, so I created it.

I own more than 1000 wine glasses and I wash and polish them by hand. I’ve been searching for the ideal polishing cloth for years and I’ve never found it. Everything I tried was too large or too small, not sufficiently absorbent, or left smears or lint.

Over the past two years, I’ve had some 50 prototypes manufactured and I put them all to the test on hundreds of glasses (lockdown entertainment!). There was one winner and I’ve used nothing else since.

It’s a super fine microfibre cloth with awesome absorbency. Dimensions 70x50cm – not so large that you can’t get it inside the glass, and not so small that you can’t cradle the glass with it as you polish the inside.

How to wash your glasses

Wipe any lipstick residue from the rim with a dry paper napkin or tissue.

Wash in hot water without detergent. The slightest residue of detergent will instantly destroy the taste of wine and the mousse of sparkling.

A glass washing brush is the best way to get right to the bottom of the bowl.

For dishwasher instructions, seek advice from your glass manufacturer.

How to polish your glasses

Drain excess water but don’t let it dry completely.

Hold the glass by its base with the polishing cloth and polish its base and stem.

Cradle the bowl with the polishing cloth in one hand as you polish inside and out with the other.

Always support the bowl and never polish a glass by holding the base and twisting the bowl, as this may snap the stem.

Reserve your polishing cloth only for glasses, to avoid contamination with food residue.

How to wash your polishing cloth

Wash before first use.

Warm machine wash with odourless soap, without fabric softener.

Do not bleach, iron or tumble dry.

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