Yalumba Premium Selection Riesling 2L cask

The first cask wine ever to hit the Wine Taste Weekly hall of honour! After opening 70 casks this week, this is the one I’d most like to drink. It’s great to see both vintage and variety declared on the box, which puts it ahead of most, even before you open the, well, goon bag. When you do, what you discover is a credit to the outstanding 2012 vintage and the riesling wizards at Yalumba, who have worked magic to capture varietal integrity, even at a price that equates to the sum total of $5.60 per 750mL. On discount for $12 at Dan’s this week, make that $4.50 per 750mL, which officially qualifies this as the cheapest white wine I’ve ever given the thumbs up. It tastes like lime zest and kaffir lime, with more phenolic grip than you’d find in a bottle, but at 60c a glass, who’s complaining?