The Champagne Guide Master Edition 2011-2019

Publishing a full back catalogue of thousands of champagne reviews is something I have long studiously avoided. I’m more interested in recommending champagnes that you can go out and buy and drink than those you can’t. The mandate that gave birth to The Champagne Guide seven years ago and inspired five editions since was to create the only up-to-date champagne buying guide on the shelves, with each edition featuring a completely new set of reviews of only recently tasted cuvées.

Over the course of seven years, hundreds of tastings around the world and more than a dozen visits to Champagne, an extensive and progressive catalogue of more than 2,600 reviews from more than 200 houses has amassed, and collectors have requested a reference to assist them in navigating all five editions of The Champagne Guide from a single source.

I hear you, I have relinquished, and I am very proud to announce The Champagne Guide Master Edition 2011-2019, an exhaustive reference to every cuvée in the five editions of The Champagne Guide to date, featuring my score, price code, base vintage, disgorgement date and the page number in the book where you can find the full review. It is my hope that you’ll find this Master Edition to be an invaluable resource as more than just a 278 page index to the full collection of books, but the ultimate guide on your champagne journey!

Following the pattern of the books, back-vintage champagnes not available at the time of publication are listed without indication of price, while cuvées without page numbers are scored without a full review in the book.

In addition to this comprehensive catalogue of cuvées, I have snuck in a few bonus chapters to bring you up to speed on all the latest in this dynamic and fast-moving region. I’ve lined up the region’s top ten rock solid performers and movers and shakers, 100 champagnes to try before you die, all the latest on champagne sales globally, and I have compiled the ultimate champagne code breaker, to equip you with everything you need to hunt down the freshest bottles on the shelves.

Throughout this edition I have featured photos which document my adventures in the region over the past decade.

This resource is offered with my compliments as a special bonus to all readers of The Champagne Guide. The bonus chapters are free for all to access using the links above.



Download The Champagne Guide Master Edition 2011-2019

The file is a 62 MB pdf document compatible with all systems. It can be downloaded with a password.

The password is the title (lower case including punctuation) from the following pages of the book:

  • Page 10 of The Champagne Guide 2018-2019
  • Page 11 of The Champagne Guide 2016-2017
  • Page 9 of The Champagne Guide 2014-2015
  • Page 12 of The Champagne Guide 2012-2013
  • Page 8 of The Champagne Guide 2011
Protected: The Champagne Guide Master Edition 2011-2019
Protected: The Champagne Guide Master Edition 2011-2019